• It's not, cook it before the expiration date. Grocery stores have a bad habit of recycling the date at least once before sell, if the meat didn't sell the first time. Best way to tell is by smell and appearance. Chicken and pork expiration dates should be strictly followed. Steak or red meat..well you can cheat just a bit, although I don't recommend it.
  • Unless it was frozen, I'd cook it that day(the exp date) or pitch it that night. Not worth it. Chopped meat is cheap.
  • Another thing that you need to look at is how it has been stored and how you plan on using it. It is bad to have beef above 40 degree because bacteria will start to grow. and if you are going to keep it for the long term you need to freeze it. Not something that you are going to want to take too long to do either. So either cook it or freeze it.
  • I would say it would depend on what type of meat it is. I myself have used many different types up to a year later. Just as long as I keep them frozen till then. But there are some that I would not use no more than maybe just a few day after.............M.C.S.
  • Feed it to a carnivorous animal. Best not for human consumption.
  • For ground beef the best indicators are smell and touch. If it smells off, toss it, if there is a slime feel, toss it. Color is not always a good indicator. I can cut two batches of ground beef in the same day and one will be bright red, the other a dark red/brown. The color depends on how much exercise the cow got and the amount of blood in the mix. Bright red meat is not always the freshest. The very best thing to do is to buy your meat from a trusted source.
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  • Grocery store simply strip the old packaging and then repackage it with a new date, of course the meat does have to smell and look fresh within their idea of sellability. Although this is against the law and enforced by the USDA. That said the USDA is severely understaffed and can not and will not be proactive only reactive. These practices have been caught on camera time and time again with local news reporting, along with unsanitary practices. Although in no way am I suggesting that this is a common practice with all grocery stores but, it only takes one mistake for you to get severely ill. Having been involved in the transportation of food, this only scratches the surface of the violations that go one, the things that I have seen would make your hair curl.
  • The date on a whole chicken that I have is today. 3/29/08. How long after that date is it good for?

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