• Yup I do! ^__^ Well, she is/was the main villain
  • no i belive that diva was used by amshell if you watch the when diva dies you see that all she wanted was a family of her own even nathen said this it only makes since that she would act that way she still was an imoresible child in many ways and was not treated fairly on top of that i know from personal experiance that any one who was abused or never treated like part of there family would want to have one of there own and make up for there parents mistakes i belive this is what diva really wanted
  • If you pay attention to Diva's background then you might feel sorry for her. Overall she's just a crazy bitch.
  • No,DIVA is not really evil!!! she is a victim'Joel and Amshel.
  • No DIVA is not evil!!
  • I think that there are some many factors that have to be taken into account. 1. Diva was lonely for a long time and poorly fed. This makes her jealous of Saya who in spite of her too being a test subject, she got the better end of the bargain. Saya= social creature (though very immature until Haji arrives), Diva= purely on instincts. 2. Diva was probably brain-washed by Amshel, telling her that Saya's her enemy using the fact that their blood is poisonous to each other. 3. But... Saya got her out of her prison and Diva killed everyone in the party. Nothing says that she looked for Saya, who freed her, in order to talk to her. Someone got to her first... She was pretty tamed when Saya opened the door for her. 4. Ultimately, in my opinion, I think Diva is fucking evil... Like, really evil. The way she behaves, the way she speaks to people and the way she speaks about Saya. She didn't want to make peace with Saya even when one of he Chevaliers asked her to (though Amshel is also a factor...) and Saya knowing this also made the decision to kill Diva no matter what. Diva is totally evil, and it's not weird to feel sorry for her because even normal people have horrible childhoods and end up being serial killers. Not all of them though, which only brings about the conclusion that in the end the most miserable person can end up being really good or really evil. It's all about choice in the end.
  • What the hel os wrong with you 1. She was never taught any better ok let me tell you something the whole desicion thing can only be made when you have knowledge and she had none of that. 2 Until you've seen it don't speak it

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