• personally i think that most small dog breeds are more aggressive than any other dog, most people dont think so because they dont do as much damage as a bigger dog. But the fact is that just because they dont hurt as much, that they arent aggressive. Most dogs today that are seen as more aggressive, are bigger dogs that people have to make themselves look tough. That there is a bad idea, simply because if thats your reasoning for having a dog, then you are going to raise it to be a more dangerous dog.
  • Pitt Bull
  • 30 years ago the Book of Lists stated that German Shepherds were the most likely to bite. However, that was before the advent of combat training for pit bulls. It's because of that human malice that they may be at the top of the list now.
  • any breed with bad owners!
  • Like the first answer. You can turn any dog in to a dangerous one. There are breeds that are more aggressive, like pit bulls, but you can have one of them be a great dog as well. It depends on the owner.
  • Wolf ... they have the most wild spirit and are by far the hardest to train to be peaceful and tame.
  • Pit Bulls
  • The breed that has the irresponsible, foolish human owner.
  • I agree with the others, no breed is inherently more dangerous than an other. Some breeds are more powerful, which would make them more dangerous (if that particular dog were aggressive). I have a doberman and I am often inundated by 'advice' from others about how 'dangerous' the breed is. Which is funny because statistically speaking you are more likely to be bit by a poodle than a dobie. Every year, more people are bitten by dogs such as labs, retrievers, spaniels etc. than the so called 'aggressive' breeds. Simply due to the sheer number of those dogs that are owned.
  • Unless it is a wild dog such as a Dingo or Wolf,domesticated dogs are only dangerous if they are trained to be agrresive.Pit Bulls have the worst reputation and it is very unfair, as these animals are quite friendly and easily trained.They become "killers" due to the irresponsibility of owners who use them for sport fighting.
  • I found this website and found the dogs listed to be comical indeed not dangerous! The only one who immediately seemed dangerous to me is the Presa Canario, who was guilty of mauling a lady to death in San Francisco a while back. But of course this was a dog who was trained to be vicious! I have to admit #9 is the Boxer, and having bred Boxers for 8 years I have always considered them to be clowns more than ferocious Take a look and see if your fave breed is listed...
  • Its more owner/trainer dependent but I don't think a mean Yorkie is going to do as much damage as a mean pit bull.
  • NONE! no breeds are dangerous, if they are "dangerous" it's owners that train them that way or beacuse they are always locked up or abused. Dogs have feelings too and what will they take their anger out on? you never know, sometimes they can be unpredictable because they are abused or don't get enough attention. As long as they get attention, they don't care if it's negative or positive. they'll do anything to get YOUR attention. Dogs want to PLEASE their owners as well, and the think they're doing the "right" thing even if they're not.
  • the kind of dog i can't stand is a pitbull. because that one pitbull almost killed my daughter. i agree with some of the people's opinions about how you raise your animal. i wish people would stop raising it to fight as a sport. them are the animals that give pitbulls a bad name...
  • i have a semi aggressive doberman and i surely did not train him to be like this. I agree that smaller dogs are more likely to bite, but its the big ones that do the damage. I beleive it depends on two factors the genetics, and the owners. any dog can be aggressive because it was trained to be, but there are also certain dogs that can be aggressive because they wernt trained not to be. I am looking into special training methods for my 10 month old dobbie before its too late. before getting the doberman I used to believe it was all with the owners, but now I know just how hard aggression problems can be to handle, and how devistating some of the misguided owners can feel if theyre dog ends up hurting someone.
  • a rottie
  • everyone bangs on about pitbull type dogs its rubbish! pitbulls are naturally tame and loving dogs their picked on because of the way they look and ther only aggesive if trained to be or come from a bad bloodline. The only dog that i think is naturally dangerous is the fila brassilerio but still no dogs are really more dangerous than others, i like dobermans the best i want one!!! ther loving and loyal dogs and shouldnt even be classed as dangerous.
  • Pits! Mr Bill
  • There is no breed more dangerous. It's all in the handling and raising of the pups and the care and household of the adults. Any dog can become very dangerous.
  • i dont feel that any breed is the most dangerous. its all about how you train them, yes ANY dog if provoked could attack and kill, small or large. I have a pit myself and she is the friendliest dog i have ever met and before her i was petrified of dogs, she has really let me see past all of that, my neighbor has a chihuahua and that lil thing tries to take you out at the ankles when you walk in the door. so really any breed can be aggressive if provoked or if it feels threatened
  • come on its not all down to the owners, agreed most of it is but you do get bad dogs (in any breed) now and again you can even see it as young as 8wks in fact ive seen a 7wk old golden retreiver snarl and snap when asked to do something it didnt want to when his brothers and sisters where fine but the point is if a dogs particular breed was designed to be agressive its going to be more dangerous thats fact!!!
  • You cannot pick a breed of dog as dangerous. all dogs have to ability to be aggressive but if traind and treated properly then they will behave appropriatley. Deed not breed!! There is no such thing as bad dogs just bad owners.
  • PIT BULLS ARE NOT DANGEROUS DOGS. To be fair, none of the 4 breeds of dog banned in the UK are genetically dangerous... Onky the social rejects who raise them to become fighters make them that way. If originally, Yorkies, Westies and Scotties had been bred to fight, it would be them on the banned dogs list now instead of Argentinian Mastiffs, Brazillian Mastiffs, Tosas and Pit Bulls. I have worked at boarding kennels for nearly 4 years now. In all my time at all the kennels I've worked at, a rottie, a dobermann, any other breed of dog seen as dangerous in the public eye has never bitten anyone. Ive been bitten by a Yorkie and a Weimeraner, colleagues of mine have been bitten by springer spaniels, retrievers, border collies, lurchers and most commonly, Jack Russells. Yet is an uproar being made about any of these dogs? Of course it isn't. For one thing, working in the job we do, we know its not down to any particular breeds, just the half witted idiots who think its OK to allow their dog to bite.
  • There are no dangerous breeds of dogs. Only dangerous people who pick a breed to call dangerous and then proceed to make it so.
  • Chows, do not get if you have children, if you live alone then that is a good loyal dog to have. But, everyone else could provoke it to make them dog chow (ha ha). Sorry couldn't resist.
  • Any dog without bounderies or limitations which lead him to disrespect the owner is dangerous....small dogs are life threat to children large breeds are life threat to anyone....Agressive behaviour is never the dogs fault...dogs like this need rehabilitation where they learn limits and rules used in their own animal world..and they need to become balance dogs....only balanced dog is a happy dog...

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