• Sorry man I work hard to spend money and raise a family. There are better things than money when you die.
  • Who says you keep it while you're alive? Not liberals.
  • 'Cause you don't need it when you're dead?
  • Because while we're still living most people would rather just go to work to afford a place to live then live on the streets.We lose everything when we die,not just money.
  • Because we need to have money while we are alive, and the value of money may fall if there is inflation. So we need to save some money for the rainy days. When we die, our money will go to our close relatives. +4
  • LoL, didnt know I worked "hard" to make money. When I die, why do I need it? I work, and in return they thank us by giving us money. But if you love what you do, dont stress about it...not worry so much about money, and only use when needed...there is no stress. Dont go large, no need for a lot of the NEW TOP OF THE LINE...crap, its just gonna break. Be humble..and youll realize "theres always enough" matter what. Life isnt a struggle, enjoy it...while you can.
  • Because everything we have is merely 'borrowed' until we die
  • Many people get money so that they can increase their childrens' life chances by paying for braces, quality schooling, good colleges, and down payments on cars and houses. . Also to pay for their own medical care. Bastards.

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