• We should keep knowledge about this to Him. It would not matter either way.
  • Yes , of course, I believe his cross was wood for that reason...
  • Although I cannot answer this question because of my lack of humorous observations I must commend you anyway.
  • Sure. He was supposedly a male, wasn't he?
  • Kevin, what makes you think of this type of question? Jesus came to earth to do his Father's will. If he did get an erection, I am sure he did not masturbate or get with a woman, he was dedicated to serving his Father's interests.
  • Considering that he was (Son of God or not) human, I think there's a pretty good chance that he got an erection at some point. In fact, there's a fairly well established camp of people who believe that he even had a child before his death, which would have pretty much *Required* an erection.
  • Why don't you ask him yourself and see what kind of response you get ??!!!!
  • O_O O_o o_O -_- 0_0...........HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :) WOW, you got brass balls posting this kind of question on here :P hahahahahaha ;) I like that :D +6
  • While I feel that this question is there to get the ire of Christians, I will answer it. Jesus was a human male, while he was on earth. He acted as a normal human male, which I suppose meant that sometimes he did get an erection. But he was not here for procreate because he had one task, to die for the sins of the world. As the prophet Isaiah predicted "And who can speak of his descendants? For he was cut off from the land of the living; for the transgression of my people he was stricken."(Isaiah 53:8)
  • 1) At least one, as his cross was erected on Golgotha. 2) all men get erections, it is a natural and rather pleasant process. I don't see why there should be here an exception, it would not make sense to deprive the personality of Jesus of this experience. Even if you accept the whole theological stuff of diverse religious schools, incarnation means to have embodied in a human being, and that means that you have all those body functions. He had also to eat, respire, and even go to the toilet. 3) as a part of Trinity, Jesus (God the Son) does not have erections, he *is* the pure spiritual energy behind everything and it is that energy that you can feel in the erections (among others).
  • Yes, thus the exclamation,"Jesus Christ a chubby !".
  • Your question seems to me to imply having an erection is a sin. It's not a sin to have an erection. It's where you decide to put it that could be a sin and against the law. Being a pure man. God incarnate on the earth, he was tempted in ALL measures the same as we are. But (according to the bible) he didn't give in to any of his temptations. Being tempted along with having an erection isn't a sin. A lot of christians seem to think it is! <sigh> So he more than likely had a hard-on, and quite frequently cos he was a young man. Just a side not. I'm not religious at all. But I did used to be a part of the "born again brigade"
  • I can see a Jack ass type of humor in your question that is almost amusing.Although you speak of the almighty living God that will not be mocked.It is your neck you risk for poor humorless jokes. When your laying in your bed Dying from cancer of the asshole think about that as you cry out his name for help.LOL!!
  • Blasphemy. Utter blasphemy. -_-;
  • Not sure. Having a formerly demon-possessed woman cleanse my feet with perfume wouldn't really do it for me personally.
  • Sorry,I never asked him.
  • Did you mean: get 'resurrected'?
  • ROTFLMAO....what has that got to do with the price of coconuts in Borneo in the rainy season?
  • No, because he had a vagina.
  • Brother, OF COURSE he did. And when he did, it would have been a wonder to behold, and Lo, wise men and kings would have travelled from the four corners of the Earth to pay homage to such a magnificent spectacle. In fact every erection that every man on earth has had since the time of the LORD owes something to his divine erections (I know that my current one does) HALLELUJAH!
  • He probably would have, but whether He did or didn't would not have affected who He is or what He came to do
  • Most people who masturbate aren't looking at anyone. And the last part of your comment doesn't tell me masturbation is a sin. I'll ask again. Where in the bible does it say "masturbation" is a sin?
  • Christ was PERFECT, so lust was not in HIS heart... Do ya think Satan did, though????
  • I'm pretty sure he did as a human being. Being perfect, his body functioned perfectly, thus having erections. Doubtless like many single men today, he just waited for it to pass and recognized it as a normal part of male life... and if it lasted more than 4 hours, he probably went to the hospital...
  • I LOVE the answers here. All the assumptions! So, you idiots who think he did not, listen up. An erection is a normal, mechanical part of owning a penis. The body erects it for sex and erects it for other reasons, one of which appears to be to keep the blood flowing properly. An infant gets erections. Ever seen a baby boy? Well his penis changes size regularly, and quite often gets hard, all by its self. So, those of you who argue against it argue against your alleged saviour being healthy. The idiots who say "blasphemy" show their imbecility. Of course he got an erection. Even eunuchs get erections!

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