• Psyche yourself up with positive anticipation and good thoughts. Then prepare for the day... dress appropriately and neatly, be polite and be calm. Everything else will follow. :o)
  • Get plenty of sleep so you can do a good job. You can usually get along with everyone when doing at least your share of the workload.
  • Be well rested, eat a healthy (not big!) breakfast, be punctual. Keep your head down- nobody wants 'the new guy' bothering them...
  • Be on time, smile and thank everyone for their help.
  • Be a "Boy Scout"..."Prepared". Good nights sleep,Proper Clothing (Safety?), Breakfast, Lunch, Tools (something to take notes with) and don't forget a Good Attitude (No False Fronts). John
  • Wear nice clothes (in keeping with the type of job). Study up on the company or the industry so you'll know a little about the place, at least in general.
  • I start a new job tomorrow as well. I'm gonna be myself and let the chips fall where ever. Can't do much more than that, in this competitive job market.
  • Like the saying goes, "you never get a second chance to make a first impression". this is so true. Go to work with a smile on your face and honey dripping from your mouth. Be interested in what your new co-workers have to say and respond. If you do not an answer to a question, be honest and state it so. You will do just fine.
  • Get your clothes (and everything else you need) ready so you're not rushed the next morning, get a good night's sleep, don't be late, smile, look confident, ask questions if you don't know how to do something, go the "extra mile" and take on an extra task if you can do it, to show what a serious and hard worker you are, and be courteous. Good luck. :)
  • Focus on doing a good job.
  • Dress appropriately and be careful perfume/aftershave. Dont be cocky about how much you know and ask for help if you dont know. Saying you used to know but its been awhile and you need a refresher is honest and people dont mind. They mind if you do it wrong and pass it off as right. Once you get the lay of the land and you see what they do pick up donuts to thank them for helping you during your first week. Or bake something . Don't do it if they all talk about diets!
  • just try to do a good job and be friendly
  • Dress nicely and smile a lot.

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