• Depends....what is your height and do you live under a bridge?
  • Doesn't look like it.
  • We shall soon find out...
  • Your questions and answers leave a lot to be desired on the Excellence scale. I'd say you either are a troll or you come close, yes. Example: You replied "I like your butt." to the question, "What's your favorite kind of cheese?" That doesn't strike me as a particularly helpful answer. EDIT: Your low 67% + ratings given percentage confirms it: Yes, you're a troll.
  • Well, with only 62% positive ratings given to your answers they must have annoyed 38% of the people that rated them, so those 38% probably think you are.
  • Help me I want to change.
  • I am who I am. I can't deny that.
  • You don't seem to be one. Here is two questions you can answer. Do you DR people without a reason? Do you enjoy being mean?
  • Given the number of questions and answers you have had rejected, you are certainly skating close to the edge. Give up your fascination for 'poo' and the like, and ask and answer in a decent manner, and you may escape yet.
  • Who's the man, man with the master plan? All Trolls live in the House of Pain ♣
  • To me the definition of a troll is someone who sits here and reads answers, but doesn't contribute anything. You're contributing, and while some people don't find it helpful at least you are contributing. By my standards that means you're not a troll. However, if you want to improve your rating, you might attempt to answer questions rather than commenting on people's butts (unless of course that's what they asked for).
  • I am willing to give you another shot, like they did for me, I make bad decisions too. Who are you, where you from? Im Chris and I'm in Sarasota FL. Ive only been here a few weeks, but this place is great. Everything you need is here.
  • If you go around DRing people for no good reason and don't leave comments, and if you were insulting and verbally bashing people, I'd say yes. I would suggest not asking any more questions about pee and poo...that comes across as really twisted.
  • Actually I thought your poop question was just weird, but you have no idea how hard I laughed while reading it. It was funny, although if you keep asking nonsensical questions like this all the time, then obviously people are going to quickly dismiss you. I had tears down my cheeks, but it is only funny once, you know? I think it was more spam then anything else though, not really trolling. Your question might have been beneficial to nobody in any way and kinda stupid, but I have to admit it had style. XD Use that style and unique trait for something more constructive, and I'm sure you'll forget about this troll stuff soon. If you can understand what most are saying and willing to try and change as you said, then I don't think you're a troll. Although aside from derepping people, I'm not entirely sure what else they do, anyway, and you seem a lot more imaginative and fun then that bunch.

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