• Yes :)
  • intellectually-nope....
  • Honestly, no!
  • I am way more awesome than most people I know. But, others are way more awesome than I. So, no!
  • As members of the human race, yes. In a game of ping pong, no way!
  • As a human being, yes. Some are far wiser, some are foolish, some are my equal, some are my idea of what greatness can be.
  • Yes because all people, for example pedophile have feelings, and emotions, and worth. I don't really want to hang out with a pedophile but that doesn't mean they don't have worth.
  • Yes, all of us have equal rights as humans. Our levels of ability in different disciplines are unequal.
  • Yes and no and I am and I am not at various levels. We all are specially talented and just because you are great at something I'm horrible at and vice versa cannot only reinforce the fact that we all have talent and there seems to be an innate drive to exhibit this in one manifestation or another. So in reality there is a very slim chance that someone is equal to me and this is true from all 6 billion minds that think the same way.
  • In what respect?
  • No, I'm basically better than everyone. Deal with it.
  • I believe all people should have the same "inalienable rights" that I have.
  • Yes I do
  • What defines a human, even what we don't want to admit, binds us all together, despite social status, cultural differences, evolutionary levels or intellectual capacity. Mentally retarded people still act on their emotions just as much as the most intelligent man in history have or do, and to me that's primarily what makes a human. The only difference is a certain level of refinement on how to follow one's nature, but either way, everyone inevitably does so. Some may be more aware then others about their existence, but it still leads to the same place. So in this way we're all equal, because I find it hard to believe that anyone can rise above what they are, no matter the shape that their intricate individualistic attributes take. Genghis Khan killed a bunch of people, and Darwin devoted his life to tell us one simple suggestion; that's what we're on Earth for. Jeanne D'Arc might have been nuts, but she still followed her emotions, no matter how twisted or convoluted her psychological disposition might have been, or what she claimed herself to follow. That doesn't mean I treat everyone as equals, certain people get way less respect from me then some others, as I'm sure it's the other way around, but it's this cavalcade of emotions and what they make us do and how they render everything all messed up and controversy filled and how we perceive everything as unbalanced and unequal that binds us all together to begin with.
  • yes a person is a person is a person is a person

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