• You should get a copy of the best seller, Lobotomy Self Taught, by Drs. Dewey, Cuttem & Howe. The book is out of print and the doctors are deceased. The clear illustrations were taken during Dr. Dewey's last surgery prior to his death. Close-up in the extreme these photos make it easy for anybody with a steady hand to proform a lobotomy on themselves, a loved one or even a complete stranger. After you do several dozen operations you should be very relaxed and accomplished at this modern medical cure.
  • I don't think you need worry whether Ronco have stopped making the kits or not (I haven't the time to do the research, sorry), but I am sure Natural Selection will takes its fabulous course and guide you to a way, that will allow you to achieve your wishes. Enjoy!
  • mall*wart has "brain surgery for dummys" on isle 14, much better kit
  • lol they really had home lobotomy kits? Now that's some funny shit I wonder how many people used it if that's for real

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