• I worked in a pasty kitchen in a very upscale resort. I was making 6 sheetpans of New York Cheesecake. Well when you cook cheesecakes you put them in a waterbath. When I was taking the last sheetpan out, the pan was uneven and the scalding water came streaming down onto my forearm. I dropped the pan ruining the cheesecake which was needed for a plating that night with no time to re make it. Not only did I mess up the plating for a VIP banquet I was forced to go to the hospital for 2nd degree burns. I felt bad cause I couldn't even fix my own mess! It was a disaster but, they still kept me there.
  • Most nights in my kitchen are disasters:-)
  • I decided to try carb-free pasta. My dog wouldn't even eat it, and she would eat anything. :)
  • Anytime I tried to make stew it came out like wallpaper paste. Don't know why, it just does!
  • when I was a young teenage girl, I thought I would bake a batch of melting moment biscuits, I must have read the recipe wrong, as when I put them in the oven to cook, they all melded together, and started dripping off the oven tray, and set fire to the oven, I was terrified, yelling out " help, help. fire, fire, " my dad came running in, grabbed the flaming oven tray from the oven, rushed through the house and threw the whole lot in the middle of the drive, it could have been a lot worse !!
  • Age 12 summer vacation at grandmother's ... confusing my grandmother's scribbled writing on bulk jars and accidentally using baking soda instead of baking powder ...
  • Once on Easter Sunday with guests at my house, I opened a 2 liter bottle of Coke and it exploded all over the place. I had to clean up kitchen countertops, a table, and the floor. Meanwhile, the guests were getting antsy because I was supposed to be making their drinks in the kitchen. I also had to go and put on a clean shirt.
  • I once mistook salt for sugar....yuck!!
  • I learned to cook at an early age...about 11...and did pretty well with most things, as I was always hanging out in the kitchen watching my mom. I decided to make gravy one night to go with the mashed potatoes. (As a surprise for my mom) I figured that a couple of CUPS of flour would be about right. The rest went pretty much as you'd expect. :-(
  • Hmmm, Well one time I caught my kitchen on fire, but I was making candles. After that was the time I obviously left something out of the Christmas cookie recipe. Which was only disastrous because I was the only one bringing them and there must have been 30 kids at this party WAITING for them. They were hard and dry and VERY flat. I should have just stuck with the Spinach Dip like I do every year. All the moms that were there shaking their heads at me and thinking I am the worst person for breaking their little hearts... Like their brats needed MORE cookies anyway. Running around like banshees in MY neighborhood till midnight. PUNKS! Ooops! Filter, Chanda, filter...
  • I got into a fight at a BBQ one time. I was doped up and drunk. I picked up a guy and threw him in a bon-fire. (not funny) My buddy pulled him out. He wasn't burnt too bad. He did lose his hair though.... Sorry Scott!
  • This was really dumb: I was trying a new recipe, and just skimmed it quickly, sure I could remember everything. Well, it called for chipotles in adobo. The recipe actually said 1-2 (as in 1 or 2) but I just remembered the 1 and 2, so I put in 12. Yes, a full dozen. Ay, yi, yi!!! We like hot stuff, but that one was on fire!
  • a few years back, when i was about 10 i guess i made these cupcakes for a science project. thank god it wasn't to be eaten! they tasted like play dough and flour! My mom is very hyper-food sentivtie, so she can't eat a lot of kinds of food. I can't remember if it was flour without glucrose bred mix or what, BUT IT WAS FOUL! i can't even explain it in words. it smells so terrible (Like poop!) and my dad took a bite, and he said " "What the hell is this!?" and we all bursted out augh. our dog wouldn't venture near it (he ran off with his tail between his legs!) so never trust those brands!

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