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  • I don't know, but maybe some of it is in your head.
  • all guys aren't the same. maybe its just the ones you know.
  • Guys are not all the same!! I'm married to one, have 2 brothers, a father, 3 sons and a brother in law. They are all so totally different.
  • Because they're not.
  • We're not all the same. 90% of us are not good bf material though! The other 10% are great but they're a bit like public toilets - they're either vacant, engaged or full of sh...
  • I only know two types of genders Girls and Guys so all guys have to be the same. :-) Otherwise we would be girls.
  • &lt;<puffs on a cigarette, really really cool like>> "You may find that some guys are all the same, or that all guys are some the same, but believe me, you'll never find that all guys are all the same."
  • we're just keep choosing the same ones
  • They all have penises. Thats about the only thing thats the same about any of them.
  • in what way(s) do you view us as being all the same?
  • They are? Last time I checked they were all very different. Time to broaden your horizons perhaps?
  • they aren't actually. maybe similar or common traits, but [thank god] they aren't the same. what would be the point in saying "oh i've found somebody special" if the truth would be that you have one just like everybody else?
  • There is no way all guys are the same, i have two brothers who are way diffrent from one of my est freinds, ya i used to feel the same way, i thought they were all jerks until i turned into a freind to one, i will agre that some of them share simmular personallity traits but thats as close as i wold go as classifying them the same. anyone agree?
  • we're not. i'm very much different than every guy i know. i just look macho and like i'm a bad ass. some guys are just jackass' and others just make dumb decisions. you may never find that "perfect someone" but somewhere down the road you will find a better of two evils.
  • We aren't. Trust me... I've answered enough relationship questions to KNOW they aren't. There are the beaters and the cheaters, those who care and those who don't, the thoughtful and intelligent and the moronic and stupid, the happy and the sad, the ones with small problems and the ones with HUGE problems. Do all guys only want sex? Emphatically NO. There are those that sex is all they're interested in, but I would be willing to bet the majority want much MORE than sex - they want a long-lasting relationship. Why do many women generalize that "all guys are the same"? Many times, it's because of the choices they make in the guys they want to fall for. Many seem to be drawn to the "bad boys", and wonder why the relationship sucks so much. They wonder where the "good guys" are, but don't see them because not many of them are the boisterous and outgoing "hunks"... They're just "average Joes" sitting in the back and watching. Don't generalize. Look around and notice those OTHER guys, and you may find you're a lot happier. Good luck! ;-)
  • I have never met two men that are the same. Where do live?
  • They're only the same if you're not dealing in reality;)
  • They aren' more than women are all the same..if you think they are all the same, you keep hanging out with the wrong crowd! :)
  • They aren' friend has a saying that to me is so true..."If you keep doing what you are doing, you will always get what you have always gotten." Look outside the box. There are some great men out there.
  • They aren't! I married a good one and there is no way Ill ever let him out of my sight. haha.....simply amazing! I reflected on myself though in my earlier years of dating and tried to figure out why I always went for jerks...for me I was insecure and didn't love myself enough to think I deserved better. Through figuring that out I also realized that being with a normal guy was uncomfortable since there was little to no drama to deal with everyday so I had to work through that too. My mom would tell me all the time..."you have gotten use to dysfunction, unless you break that you will always find yourself in bad relationships" (thanks mama)
  • No two people, including men, are the same. Maybe it's what you're contributing to relationships that make them *seem* the same. Look to changing yourself first before anyone else.
  • I disagree with this. Not all guys are the same. I have met many guys that are totally opposite the stereotypical "men want to get into your pants" way of being.
  • They are not, you just are attracted to a certain type of guy. try getting away from the typical type you go out with.
  • We are not all the same... I assure you!
  • Good Question. It sure feels like they're all the same doesn't it? Despite all these answers that say " NO! They aren't!" lol
  • They're not all the same. If they were, life would be very boring. If you keep having "man" problems, it could be because you gravitate towards a certain type of man. Then one could say that the problem doesn't lie with the man--it's with you. I hope that's not the case.
  • Oops (flag)
  • We're not. That's a common misconception.
  • they most definately aren't the same i mean you have your jocks. they act the same with their friends but when you get them alone, you see their better side. you have your smart guys who think they know all the answers then when you get them alone they freak out because they don't know. then there's the bad boy type. hes all tough on the outside that you see at first. but when your alone with him you get that genuine nice sweet side that you thought they never had.

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