• I return it to where its supposed to go and I pick up the stray ones on the way that were left by lazy dirtballs on the way.
  • I put it where it belongs.
  • Usually, to the rightful place. Occasionally I break out of my "good girl" personna, and dare to leave it leaning on a pole. I feel guilty tho. It's almost like breaking the law - QUICK! Get out of there fast! LoL
  • I almost always put it away. The very few times I didn't was because I had an infant or small child in the car and the cart-return was too far away.
  • Don't like leaving it to perhaps run into my car in the wind so take it to the ouside cart park.
  • if the cart return place is near bye otherwise i leave it on the sidewalk
  • I do, but it's easy to do. There are several of those places in the parking lot to return the carts to, so don't have to go all the way back to the store to do it.
  • If there is a corral, I return it but some have Cart Wranglers and they take the cart back.
  • our parking areas have trolley return spots ,so i always put it where it belongs
  • At Aldi you have to return the cart to get your quarter back. I like that. If I'm too tired to push it back I'm basically giving someone else a quarter to return it for me. Actually sometimes I push it back and leave the quarter in it, especially if someone left it for me.
  • I always put it into one of the cart stalls they have throughout the parking lot.
  • I live in a big city, within walking distance of the stores where I shop, and therefore don't take carts out to a parking lot. I never buy more at one time than will fit into two bags, and I carry them home on foot. When I visit relatives who drive to a grocery store, I do return the carts to the collection area provided.
  • I always return it.

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