• Because Men, wrote the Bible.
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      By inspiration of the Lord God.
  • And if all of those things were to be true you would be asking why can't god be male.
  • well mankind made up the bible for control, so sexist control is one of them.
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      Actually the Bible gives much more freedom. It is the "church" that twists and uses the Word to control their people.
  • Yes, the content of the Bible is very sexist. In fact, it is more than sexist; it is misogynistic. The Bible is a reflection of the cultures that contributed to the text of the Bible, and they were all patriarchal, sexist societies. From a sociological perspective, the purpose of any societal institution is to protect and propagate that society. Religion and government are social institutions. In the time and areas that the Bible was written, there was no differentiation between government and religion. They were one and the same. The Bible simply structures, regulates, and protects (including justification) the social status quo of the areas and times in which it was written. This is why the Bible is misogynistic, pro-slavery, pro-polygny, requires capital punishment for relatively minor offenses, and often exalts the cruel murder of entire cities.
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      I was agreeing with you pretty well until your last statement. The Lord God never murdered any city. There were definite reasons why He removed some societies. The people of those cities were ruthless and cruel towards people. They were unforgiving. The city of Sodom was not destroyed because of homosexuality but because of their cruelty and hate towards others. They were a viscous people who showed no love towards outsiders. Didn't the Lord God ask about good people several times? Didn't each time the city failed because of hatred? The church and man have twisted the story to suit their selfish lies.
  • Who says God is male? The Gospel of Mark says there are no sexes in Heaven. Just because we call Him Father doesn't mean he's male. The Savior, the Daughter of God...that just doesn't sound right. =] English Convention dictates that when an appropriate time occurs for a writing a he/she, just a 'he' is accepted and preferred. Men back then were more powerful than women, women didn't have many rights. It's just like woman today, when faced with possibly being drafted, say that men are superior, blah blah balh.
  • It actually sounds like it is :O
  • because when it was written, women were mere possessions. So, that's another reason why it's a bunch of crap. Oh, don't worry though, someone will comment on this and justify it through metaphor or something equally ridiculous. It would be funny to go back to those times and tell them what woman's place in the world is now! Unfortunately, not much different in a lot of places.
  • Because before Christianity came about, people actually worshiped the Goddess and revered women - after all, they were the ones who gave life (had children). Then some men milled about one day and decided they wanted to be in charge. What better way to make a male god and start saying women were evil and the bane of existence (Eve)? Its all about control, really. Religion is a great way to control a large group of people.
  • Before the exile of the Jews from Egypt, (and yes, MUCH before our patriarchal, Abrahamic tradition forefathers thought to control female sexuality with godhead), the concept of 'god' did not exist without consort. The first manifestations of male gender god, could not exist without female gender enabler. In other words, some of our first 'religions' celebrated the empowerment that the female bestowed upon the male with fertility. Why would any intelligent female want the same status of "Jesus". I know I wouldn't. Imagine; anyone with the name Jesus can't get any rest for all the people calling him/her by name! LOL
  • Maybe this will appease you somewhat. Jesus was a female for a short period of time. When conceived the embryo is 'Female' for a few weeks. Then the genes produce hormones that cause the female embryo to change into a male.
  • Because God may prefer to be called a he rather then her... EDIT: 9-30-08 I'd also like to ask the opposite: Why COULDN'T all the women in the bible be virgins? Why COULDN'T god be male? Why can't it talk about men? Why would god NEED a goddess?
  • Jesus allowed more rights and priviledges to women than any man of his time. Women weren't allowed to speak in temple. He made them nearly full-fledged disciples.
  • Dunno, read some Christian books, including the Bible, it is clear that the God of the Old and New Testament manifests female and male qualities at times. On a rare occasion, I agree with Sweet T, its because men wrote the Bible, doesn't mean thats what God is though. My understanding of God is that he/she is beyond gender categories...If Jesus had been born a woman, would she have been able to do in a human body what he/she did in that patriarchal day and age? I'm not so sure, and the son of God had to be born something, if God had been born female, you better bet many of us men would never have shown up at Church! I know I wouldn't have, modern day religion already feminizes men enough, no way to make everybody happy.
  • Because what happened, happened. Get used to it. If you have a problem with that then you really are ignoring the whole point of the Bible.
  • Jesus wasn't a girl because they didn't preform sex change operations yet back when he was born male. Women were virgins in the bible because that's what they were taught to be at that point in history. If "it's all about big powerful men" is what you get out of the bible, then you've missed the entire point of it. God created the universe and is pure, without sin. He created humans with free will and we ended up becoming sinful and in need of forgiveness. The only way to make up for our mistakes was to have a perfect sacrifice, rather than the 'temporary' fixes of animal sacrifices practiced before Jesus. God loves us enough that He wants us to spend eternity together, not be separated by sin. He chose to give up his son for a moment, to bring us back into a pure enough state that we can be with Him some day. The bible is a love story. Not a power trip. I'm sure most of you are shaking your heads at your screen as you read this, but it's what I firmly believe and I hope that anyone who disagrees will at least consider it.
  • Can't be that way because Jesus was a man. God chose to make him male. There is no goddess in the bible. Don't complain to me I didn't write it. When you die you should ask God why he did these things. asking us is useless.
  • I have two daughters. Should I complain that fate has been sexist to me by not giving me a son? No. THat is the way things are. Same with God's Son. Women are not all virgins in the Bible. If they were there would be no children born. Women in the Bible cover the full gamut of women in any society: virgins, married, unmarried, prostitutes, queens(both in the own right and as the wives of kings), good girls bad girls, women of strong character. If you read the Bible, there are hundreds of women discussed. And their rights are discussed. eg The Daughters of Zelophehad , who who raised before Moses the case of a woman’s right and obligation to inherit property in the absence of a male heir in the family. (that women were allowed to inherit is mentioned a few times in the Old Testament) Remember that Miriam, Moses' sister was a prophetess, and regarded very highly in Hebrew society. Deborah was a Judge (in reality a temporary ruler,in the times before the kings). Esther risked her life to save her people.Huldah was a prophet. Noadiah was a Levite woman who assisted in weighing the silver, gold, and vessels of the temple. Women's rights within marriage were protected under the Mosaic law. Men were not allowed to reject their wives for any reason but infidelity, not because they wanted to marry someone else, or the wife was disobedient, or because she was childless. And the infidelity had to be witnessed, a very difficult thing to fake in societies where people knew the goings on of everyone around them. There are many examples of women in the Old Testament who ran businesses and were praised for it. (Proverbs 31 describes one) They weren't just baby machines with no voice. This was continued into the New Testament. Though men might try to get around the Biblical standard, Jesus refused to treat them in any way but with the greatest of respect. He had long and deep theological conversations with a number of them (eg the Samaritan woman at the well, Martha and Mary, The Syro-Phonecian woman) In the early church, there were many prominent women. Lydia of Lystra was the founder of the Christian congregation there. Priscilla was a co-evangelist with her husband Aquila. Philip's daughters were prophetesses, as was Phoebe. Dorcas/TAbitha was the equivalent of a social worker, as she made clothes and distributed them amongst the poor. There were deaconesses who likiewise worked amongst the women, and no doubt did teaching and preaching amongst them. As for "who is the goddess of God"?, God is bigger than male and female. He has chosen to reveal himself in a masculine form for convenience and to establish certain ideas about himself.
  • Because the people who wrote the bible were misogynistic, and thought themselves correct in being so.
  • If you are saying this having read the whole bible and being therefore an authority on the topic, then I would suggest you also consider the points that a) God is only referred to as a 'He' because of the nature of the relationship He has with His people, i.e. the church; that of a father to His children. b) The bible says that God created all things, and gender is one of them, thereby He is not subject to something He created. c) The bible was written in very sexist times, when men were educated and women were not, and the level of equality taught between the two sexes in the bible was considered scandalous at the time. d) All women were not virgins in the bible, for example, Rahab the prostitute is one of the most well known bible heroines, and of course Mary Magdalene is another one of the most famous characters. However, being a virgin before marriage was considered right in these times, and to a certain extent remnants of these principles can still be seen today in that when you are with a partner, it is simply not right to be with other people, and certainly not when you intend to spend your life with this person. e) your last statement is the most flawed of all because women throughout the bible are celebrated for their strengths - the books of Esther and Ruth are named so, not because they are letters to these people, or because they wrote the books, as with some other Bible books, but because they deserved honour for their lives. Are your questions from an informed point of view or are they from snippets of the bible that you have heard or maybe read? Hope this helped answer some things :)
  • because girls just wanna have fu-uhn! :) LOL
  • the christian bible is rather aimed at men. but one hast to read between the lines and realize that today the christian bible wants men and women to be treated equal.
  • 1) Jesus can't be a girl because he had a penis. 2) You are a daughter of God. 3) Who cares about virgins? They aren't much use to men OR women. 4) God isn't male or female. God created male and female. The bible says 'he' because 'he' sounds better than 'it' and takes up fewer letters than 'she'.
  • because men wrote the book
  • Read the list of 'begats' (so and so ~ a man, begat so and so, his son, etc., ad nauseum for pages.) I was under the impression that women begat children, and that they most likely had as many daughters as sons, yet not a female name shows up in that droning catalog of male births 'begat' by their father!
  • The Bible is no more sexist than life is, man is created, a product of and by man and nurtured by woman. He is as good or as foul as his parent’s ability to raise adequately and instil sound values in him. Rare is the man untouched by the presence of woman. If woman seek equanimity and covet equality and the power they crave they are required to assume responsibility for his flaws and shortcomings. The fallacy of equality is the unwillingness to take aboard the outcome of our creational input or lack thereof. Man raised by a strong intelligent mother doting and supporting his each step matures to a perfect gentleman. He forms his opinions and reactions toward woman based upon his experiences with the same. It is a sad but true fact good men raised by perfect mother’s chance upon bad women who sour their outlook and vice versa. The fear of chastity of an expectation of virginity inherent in women is tragic. Self restraint and celibacy fortifies the spirit and enables communication on emotional and intellectual spheres found lacking is physical attraction is the driving factor towards forging bonds only to find the partner woefully disparaging on other stages. The rules and statutes of life are sound and enduring for this reason. Women love strong wiled men, and when finding he too has a need for comfort become conceited, becoming thereafter a weakness of man than his sole support. Infidelity arises from situations wherein one feels misunderstood or the unspoken mores of a bond are usurped or broken. Alas. Mankind should rather apply energies towards perfecting the union or discarding it eternally. Infidelity, betrayal born of envy, anger and covetousness destroy perfect unions. Once ruined it requires an eternity to restore the faith and trust betrayed by a single act or word.. The Goddess of God is his created oracle of Wisdom, a woman of his spirit and intellectual parity, who then is progenitor and pastoral sustainer of his creation.
  • Isn't it sexist to expect god to be a woman? Also, if you want a different perspective on the bible, read Angels and Demons followed by The Da Vinci Code. Both are by Dan Brown, and they'll explain your question better than I can, especially Angels and Demons.
  • God is a neither male nor female. Rather a unity of both. Men and women are but equal.
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      Man has been the head of mankind since the fall of Adam and Eve when God placed the man over the woman. This is carried out throughout the Bible. This does not mean man is to control the woman but to be the final say in the things going on in a marriage or other joining of a man and a woman. Because of the resurrection of Jesus from the grave the woman now has all the rights that were originally given only to the man. The man is still the head just as Jesus Christ is the head over the man and the Lord God the head over Jesus Christ. It is a chain of command if you will.
  • The bible is based on some historical fact, Jesus once lived whether you believe he was the son of god or just a prophet is up for debate, however what is not in question is the fact that he existed so therefore cannot be a woman. There were loads of important women in the bible but they're just not as raved about because in history it was not the thing to rave about women. We just have to look at the positive things women have done in the bible and throughout history and big it up a little! Its not necessarily a case of being sexist, just a representation of society at that time.
  • Yes, it's definitely sexist, because it's a document from a patriarchal culture. I always wondered why there was a father, son, and holy ghost and no mother. That's because women weren't supposed to have power. They were like oxen, traded among men.
  • The bible was written by a man after all. Back in that time women were just as good as property the donkey they had in the stall. Baby makers
  • 6-15-2017 Of course the bible is sexist. It's because there are two sexes.
  • Jesus' Mother was a female. Does that count?
  • The problem most people who do not understand the Bible except from what they know through hear-say fail to realize the Bible is two books. The first book is the Old Testament. The Old Testament is the history of a people and society. The struggles of becoming a nation, the founding of laws to live by similar to the setting up the Constitution of the USA. There was one major difference that difference being the Lord God was the driving force in their daily lives. Many say, “God is fake, He doesn’t exist. I can’t see Him. Can you see the wind? No, but we can feel it on our body, we can see the results of a high wind. But we cannot see wind. Some things we have to have faith they are there. There are two kinds of knowledge. First there is “sensual knowledge” Sensual knowledge includes those things we can see, touch, and feel. Second is “Revolution knowledge” or things we must take on faith they exist. We cannot see an electron revolving around a nucleus of an atom but we know it is there. Likewise we cannot see the Lord God but he is there. We can see what he has done all around us in the world. Next, is the second part of the Bible, The “New Testament” or the revaluation of Jesus Christ in the Gospels. The gospels contain the life of Jesus Christ when He came to earth. To teach His love for mankind. He was rejected and put to death in a horrible execution on a cross. His death reversed what Adam and Eve had done by eating the forbidden fruit. We are no longer under the curse of their sin. Jesus did something else when He arose from the grave. He abolished the Old Testament Law for everyone. That is everyone who has accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. Those whom do not have Him for their Savior will still be under the Old Law. The law no mortal human can live up to. With the new Law of Love given to us from Jesus Christ, we are all equal. Man is no longer above the woman. The woman was brought up from her lowly place subservient to the man she is now side by side with the man. Woman now has all the same rights as a man has always had. Men do not like this fact and try their best to keep women in their old place subservient to a man. The Bible, when understood by us, actually gives us more freedom than restriction as before.
  • Just goes to show my contention for YEARS now that the bible may be 'god's word' but it sure as hell was messed around with by men!!!!!! some group in the 4th century, think it was called the 'Council of Nicea' decided which books were to be in the bible and which were not!! so how 'Godly' is that!!?! hey, pick 'n choose what you want 'the masses' to believe. and I STILL SAY that Jesus was married to Mary of Magdela........(not "Magdalene") and the wedding feast at Cana was HIS nowhere in their culture would a GUEST be asked to provide more wine!!!!!!! whew.....glad to get that one off my chest!!!!!! lol :-D
  • Why do you have to assume that it is sexist for God and his Son to be males?If they were both female, would not men be able to ask if that is sexist? So, why does the sex of God really matter so much to you? Is it not sexist to be so concerned about that? As for women being virgins, how many of the women in the Bible are specifically mentioned to be virgins? I can only think of one, Mary, the mother of Jesus. I know of no other women that are specifically mentioned as being virgins. In fact, just about all of the other prominent women in the Bible were probably not virgins beyond their wedding nights.
    • pugwashjw65
      And in Jesus' ancestry, there is one prostitute...
  • Jehovah God has decreed that men be leaders and women be supporters...And as the prime leader, this makes Jehovah a male...but not in the physical sense. women have been given the role of being mothers and are protected during childbirth....but because we are imperfect, sometimes things do go wrong... We are MEANT to NOT DIE....but we dobecause we have inherited imperfection from ADAM AND EVE... (Genesis 2:16, 17) Jehovah God also gave this command to the man:
  • How high are you, kid? Jesus was a man just like you father couldn't be your mother. God is God- he is not a biological entity in need of children to carry his genes.
  • Mary was a virgen only until she consummated her marriage after the birth of Jesus, she had children with Joseph (Mat 1:25, Mar 6:3). Sexual relations outside of scriptural marriage (for men and women) has always been prohibited for those who serve God and strive to please him.(Gen 38:24, Ex 34:10, Le 19:29, Eph 5:3). Why would God tell man “be fruitful and become many” if his intention was for us to remain virgins? God’s laws apply to of his servants, male, female, young and old. Many laws protect women an orphans and give men & women specific instructions on how to manage the household physically, emotionally and spiritually. Did you form your opinion of the Bible after you read it? There may be someone in your community willing to help you study you’re personal copy of the Bible free of charge.
  • i dont think its sexist
  • Jehovah God planned for men to be the leaders and for women to be their supporters,,,/ companions... A woman cannot be a proper leader in the throes of childbirth,,,when she needs protection and support from men. So the idea of a woman archbishop, as in Perth, goes totally against God's [ Jehovah's ] wishes. It does not matter how competent she might be...Women are to ' keep silent' in church...a direct order from the apostle Paul, w ho had Jesus' approval. (1 Corinthians 14:34) let the women keep silent in the congregations, for it is not permitted for them to speak. Rather, let them be in subjection, as the Law also says.

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