• Unlikely life could occur there and if it did it would probably only be a bacteria like life. You need liquid water and carbon plus some other atoms, like nitrogen to make life. No other atoms have the properties for life for all that is necessary. Sure you may say that there are other forms of life make from silicon, but the chemistry just can't happen fast enough for life. Only carbon, oxygen and hydrogen have the ability to make the compounds necessary for life.
  • my ex wife ?
  • It would be the Snivvians. 'Hailing from the world of Cadomai Prime, the Snivvians were a species of short, mammalian humanoids sometimes called Snaggletooths due to their protruding jaws and short fangs. Because they came from a planet with a cold environment, evolution gave them thick skin instead of fur. Due to their oversized snouts, Snivvians made excellent scouts and trackers. Most Snivvians chose to speak Basic as well as a diverse range of secondary languages. Some refused to let go of their native tongue for symbolic, subtextual, or fashionable reasons. The species was almost driven into extinction by the Thalassian Slavers, who sold their pelts for profit, until the Galactic Republic put an end to the trade.'
  • That question is harder to answer than it seems. If I asked you what an Earth creature looked like, what would you say?

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