• no I have to say I have great neighbors never see them unless they are coming or going.
  • I have any neighbors like that.
  • No neighbors is good neighbors :) I did have one when I lived in an apartment years ago. We called him "Norman" as in Norman Bates. He lived with his mother and she wasn't all there either. She would jump out anyone who dared to check their mail (the boxes were next to their door) and scowl. He would sunbathe in speedos in the parking lot. Not pretty, he was huge and greasy. Ick. He would be falling all out of those things and I think he did it on purpose. They were really creepy.
  • I am the creepy neighbor !!! <jk>
  • Not now. I can't even see any of my neighbors! But when we lived in the city, I can't say I've had a creepy neighbor in years. When I was a kid there was one. Picture Elvis Costello, but like a dirty unshaven drunk. There were rumors that he was a peeping tom, but I don't know if that was true. Probably just neighborhood kids making stuff up. I haven't had many neighbors that I liked, though. Usually alot of rude and inconsiderate assholes!
  • I used to have one. He is literally creepy. He's been in trouble with the law.
  • Only 1, but he's a nice enough guy... just a little odd. Not sure what he does for a living, if he's married or not, but I think he's religious as he used to have a big JESUS sign on one of his outbuildings, and his seasonal selling he does has a religious connotation. His house is always dark and he has a tombstone out front of his house with a picture of his parents on it... I just hope they aren't really buried there...
  • Yes,but thankfully he moved.I bought my first shotgun because of him;)
  • LOL!!! I hope not as they are all family. There are only 4 houses up here, 3 are family. One is a vacation home. And there is a hunting cabin across the road where they come up once a year, sweet people though. Nope, no creeps here. Now about 1 mile around the corner along a back road, there is a compound that really feels like Deliverance. We even call it that lol!!!
  • Just his laugh is creepy. He's a nice enough guy just has a spooky laugh.
  • Hmmnnn ..they are very nice :-)
  • When I was little I did. It was like the old guy in Home Alone, and how all the kids were scared of him. But it turned out he was actually a nice guy.
  • I haven't noticed any in our new neighborhood, although, most everyone seems to be pretty quiet and a bit standoffish. We had a super creepy neighbor in our old neighborhood.
  • Well, I am so glad that all of my neighbors are very nice.
  • I had some people who were on drugs living next store to me for a few years. I always had to worry about get ripped off as one of them serve a prison sentence for armed robbery. It really crimped my style not being able to keep stuff outside in the summers. They would steal gas grills, lawn furniture, or anything else which could be fenced for drug money.

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