• Forget the boots. Just call him Jesus.
  • You would have to add enough buoyant material to support more than 175 pounds The boots would be HUGE. Secondly, Balance would be difficult to obtain and the base of the boot would probably have to be very long and wide (at least as long and wide and the person wearing them) to prevent tipping. It would be very impractical.
  • 1) "Let's consider a person who weights 200 pounds. the device only weighs around 5 pounds, so the total weight involved is about 205 pounds. The area of each of the 2 foot by 8 foot slabs is 16 square feet, for 32 square feet total. Enough water must be displaced to equal the total weight. Fresh water weighs about 62 pounds per cubic foot, so we have to displace 205/62 or about 3.3 cubic feet of water. This results in the slabs being about 1.2 inches under the water, with only around 3/4 of an inch above the water. Depending on waves and splashing, it may be desirable to add gunwales around the edges to minimize water on top. Without that, enough water weight on top can sometimes submerge everything!" Source and further information: (with this dimensions, if a person is weighting 175 pounds, it will be largely sufficient) 2) Other examples: The Jesus Boots:,9171,944427,00.html?promoid=googlep Buoyant shoe: Buoyant water-walking apparatus: "Recently, a girl in southwest China's Chengdu City, invented her own "magic shoes", which enable her walk on water."

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