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  • Let's see, remove genitals, remove tongue, remove fingers. I think that covers it.
  • Castration is the 1st thing that comes to mind, but having them put away in prison w/ no parole is sufficient, as long as they are put in Gen Pop so the other inmates can let him know how it feels to get the "shaft". Most prisoners DESPISE those scum bags because they were most likely molested at some point in their life. They have a thing for baby killers & molesters. They are the justice system in prison.
  • I know this might sound harsh but I believe punishment of death. The world just needs to be rid of them.
  • I'd go with castration, or some way to assure that they will get their karmic comeuppance while in prison.
  • life in prison where they get beat up all the time. they get their ass raped everyday and make them wish that they never did it in the first place and wish that they were never born and wind up killing them selvs.
  • Child molesters are near the bottom of the food chain in prison, so I would require that this person be made to wear a sign, while imprisoned for life, and set loose in the general population, telling what his crime is. The other inmates will take care of the rest.
  • Castrate them, torture them for the rest of their lives, but keep them alive so that they endure as much pain as possible with no quick way out of it.
  • Chemical castration, then I think we should bring back the Pear. "Its name comes from its shape. This instrument had a screw mechanism by which it was progressively expanded to the maximum aperture of the two or three elements it was made of. This instrument was forced into the mouth or rectum of male victims and into the vagina of female victims. The oral, rectal, or vaginal pear was inflicted on people guilty of sodomy, on women guilty of adultery, people guilty of incest or sexual union with Satan, and it was also inflicted on heretical preachers and blasphemers. This torture has in itself the implicit idea of inflicting punishment that was opposite to the kind of crime one had been charged with."
  • Allow me to play a game. They spent their lives harming children not giving a moments thought about what the innocence lost. I will give them ample time to escape a suitable situation in which if they follow the rules they may be free to go. But for the record no one has escaped yet.
  • Depending on the level of the said pedophile. How old was the child? Was it a 15 year old with a 23 year old, both "consenting?" Or was it an innocent 7 year old raped in the poolhouse by an unknown man (happened in my town last year)? The latter should be punishable by death, as they have slaughtered the innocence and sanctity of that child.
  • I wouldn't make the punishment fit the crime. I would make them wish it did
  • Death, someone like that doesnt deserve anything else
  • An eye for an eye..he gets done to him what he did to the child, up to and including torture and murder! :(
  • He/she gets life or death no exceptions.
  • From what I hear it's a disease or compulsion. I guess quick execution without suffering is ideal, they may not be truly evil but compelled to reoffend.
  • Lock them in a cell and have them repeatedly raped. Repeat this from time to time until they are executed. This way they die a mental death many times over until they are granted the mercy of an execution. Sort of what their victims go through until they die.
  • To be raped and tortured, everyday until they die.
  • This problem that causes people to find it normal to have a sexual reletionship with children is obviuosley wrong in our day and age but just think many many years ago when law did not exist children that were barely developed were probably having sex and having babies at very young ages and was probably then considered normal, so my question is, is this paedophile thing some sought of inherent to the unlucky few from days gone by or is it a mental issue. either way its an issue that needs to be looked into by experts and not treated by all your sad comments of castration and death penalties. Like i said before its a problem in our modern day and because of this I think the people who have this paedophile problem need help and I bet there are some people out there that are to scared to come forward to ask for help and probably even want to be helped. rape, murder and of course paedophiles of course its all wrong and punishment for these crimes can only be dealt by a judge in a court of law.
  • I would say life in jail would be suitable for a pedophile. They take advantage of little children and given their cowardice, they will be taken advantage of in prison. I am not happy that this happens, but it does happen, and it is quite fitting.
  • Whatever the state punishment requires.
  • castration
  • Castration until a death sentence can be carried out. This is an inexcuseable crime in my opinion.
  • being a paedophile is not a crime. acting on the urge and mistreating children is the crime. electric shock treatment would be a good theraputic punishment.
  • Cut off their "parts". Then Bring them to the brink of death, slowly, but don't actually let them die. Let them suffer. (Can you tell "something" happened to me?)
  • LEGAL DEFINITION OF PEDOPHILIA: "pedophilia n. an obsession with children as sex objects. Overt acts, including taking sexual explicit photographs, molesting children, and exposing one's genitalia to children are all crimes. The problem with these crimes is that pedophilia is also treated as a mental illness, and the pedophile is often released only to repeat the crimes or escalate the activity to the level of murder". PSYCHIATRIC DEFINITION OF PEDOPHILIA: Pedophilia is a mental disorder made by clinical diagnosis. It is characterized by frequent and intense sexual urges directed towards prepubescent children. The term pedophile or paedophile refers to any adult or adolescent individual who has such urges. Despite the colloquial usage of the term to refer to a person who sexually abuses minors, one does not need to actually sexually abuse a child in order to be considered a pedophile by a mental health professional. The desire to do so, along with the presence of a series of intrusive urges to do so, alone, are enough, even if these urges and desires are always resisted. Furthermore, a significantly older adult who is attracted to post - pubescent individuals (i.e. 13-17 year olds) would not technically be considered a pedophile, under the health science usage of the term. Instead, that attraction, also considered abnormal, would fall under the category of "ephebophilia", which refers to the sexual attraction towards adolescents". As you can see both definitions are quite different. A pedophile can hide under the psychiatric definition as long as "rape-abuse" has not taken place. I personally believe that who ever is going to trial for pedophilia, should undergo a psychiatric evaluation by a court assigned psychiatrist to determine if the person is a pedophile. None of this is done and some pedophiles are mentally ill people or retarded who are not responsible for their acts, by no means do I excuse what they may have done I am saying that person should be treated for his mental disorder, put on supervised probation with all necessary precautions to protect the victim and then if he intends to repeats his actions he can be tried as a pedophile or pedophile rapist. Sorry but the subject is quite complicated to fit it in as an answer.
  • Castration. Along with life in prison (if they act on their sickening urges)
  • Alot of people here are putting rape. But you need to rememeber that a paedophile is not "right" sexualy, and there is always the chance that they would enoy that! Im interested to hear how those "pro-rape" would respond.
  • Well to make it a human punishment, i would set them in a chair and tell them we where going to let them go. Then when that big smile comes across there face, shoot them in the back of the head. Because there is no cure for pedophilia. Well, at least they died happy.
  • a lot of fire with fire in here, why not lock em up in sanitariums, I hear thats no fun for the mentaly healthy
  • They should be taken into a cell, with the family of the abused and given a severe beating. Then perhaps let a few other prisoners and let them do as they wish. If they kill the pedo then at least it isnt going to cost a fortune to keep them in jail, psychological treatment, surveilence etc.

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