• It was called chores! I became quite adapt as a Domestic. LOL
  • I've been working various jobs since I was 11. Bussing tables at the family resturaunt, doing work at a musuem, working as a bagger at a grocery store. Probably the most fun I ever had was working at the movie theater over the summer. It was a great job.
  • No, I never worked as a teenager. I was a spoiled brat.
  • My work experience was 2 weeks in a hair salon and i loved it, after i left school i trained as a hairdresser thanks to my work experience helping me to decide what i wanted to do
  • I worked at Taco Bell. I loved that job! I started my senior year so I could earn money to go on Spring Break that year. :)
  • I did loads to try to get into veterinary science, but my grades fell short: Once a week after school at a Vets practice for a few months 1 week dairy farm 1 week at another Vets 2 weeks dog boarding kennels 3 days at an Equine hospital which is part of Liverpool uni 1 day at the pig farm on the same campus as the equine hospital I really liked it, and being with the animals was lovely, but the cleaning and standing around got a little bit tedious.
  • I did volunteer work at the hospital. We were called Candy Striper's. I also did babysitting, and worked summers at the snack bar in the park. During the school year, I baby sat at the church for $1 an hour and I felt so rich. I worked as a cabin monitor at summer camp two weeks every year, and at church retreats through out the year.
  • I worked as an assistant at a sleep in school for emotionally disturbed children for two summers. It was one of the high points of of my life.
  • I worked as a secretary assistant at my neighbors' construction company. He basically 'gave' me the job to provide me with some experience after he read an artical in our paper about me excelling in my school. So I got to sort files and do data entry. I worked so quickly with what little they gave me I even ended up vacuming the front office weekly. I had fun, but 3 hours a day 5 days a week wasn't making alot of money for me at the time.
  • Yes, I worked throughout my teen years in my family's business. I was pretty lucky, because my dad owned a really great record store. I enjoyed it most of the time, but having your dad as your boss does have it's disadvantages sometimes. :)
  • I did all sorts of jobs in school vacs I worked in Stables and waitressed because I wanted to. I even worked as a Bus Conductress when I was at university that was fun, but only because there were a lot of students and we knew it was not forever.I ran a cocktail bar and danced in shows throughout college. I wanted to show my parents i could do it alone. I was lucky that if I had failed they could have caught me.

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