• I would ask my waiter/waitress or whoever if I could move to another table,if there were no other empty tables left,then I would just try to ignore it.
  • I know that must be very difficult. But there would really not be much I could do.
  • I'd address his/her parent and ask that they quiet their kid down. No reason to be an asshole, but being polite should be top on your "to do" list if your going to dine out.
  • There's not much I can do besides be thankful my children are better behaved.
  • Ask the parents if they are deaf. Just kidding. I would ask them, nicely, to please quiet their child. Most parents get the hint and take the tots outside or to the lobby (or other area where there are few diners) for a few minutes. If the parents act like the restaurant is their private dining room, I ask the wait staff to try and remedy the problem. Next step is obviously a request to see the manager.
  • I was once in a similar situation at a movie theatre. The problem was though that it was a mother with her young child who wouldn't shut up, keeping up a loud and continuous running commentary for the first half hour or so of the movie. Finally I turned to her and inquired if her son had some sort of eyesight or hearing impairment. When she answered no, I said, "Glad to hear it, now how about you shut the **** up and let your son and the rest of us who paid to see this, enjoy this movie in peace." She moved away of course to another seat but I noticed that she kept her mouth shut after that.
  • I have been known to ask the manager to ask them to please calm their children down as I and the other people around me would like to enjoy our dinners in peace. I have been known to get up and leave and tell manager why I'm leaveing, Im known for turning and saying " you know my son would have never acted that way, he knew how to be a little gentlemen from a young age", when ever we went out to eat, if not we went out side and hand and butt met.. only took once or twice and never happen again. Children today have been given to much, no rules, never have to work, no chores and God forbide we punish them for doing anything bad, it might break their sprite. and they wonder why the kids today do some of the things they do.
  • Nothing. Having raised 2 kids I have fine tuned the ability to think happy things and overlook thier existence at will.
  • Probably just roll my eyes at my wife. If we couldn't handle it, we'd get our supper boxed and leave, probably not to return for a time. (If management doesn't notice that noisy a kid, THEY are not doing THEIR jobs. Why should I trust that they manage their kitchen staff better than where their customers eat?)
  • say " You are such a good boy/girl I bet you don't know how to play the quiet game . what ? you do ? Lets see who can be quiet the longest."
  • I would not be in that position. One of the first things that I look for when a waitress is seating me is if she is fixing to sit me near a table with small children. If she is, I discreetly refuse that table and point out another open table to her. If I am seated and the family sits next to me, I will wait to see how the parents deal with their loud children. If I find them inconsiderate after some time, I will move to another table.
  • I would tell their parent, (or whoever they are with) to control their child. I don't think it's rude to tell them to control their child. At least it's no more rude than they are being for allowing the action.
  • Fling a spoonful of masked potatoes at him when his parents aren't looking.
  • i first gave some meaningful looks- then i cleared throat and said to them " i am sorry i work my butt off to afford to dine out and i expect to enjoy this meal, can you please control your child or i will be forced to complain and embarrass us both." it worked thank god i was ready to well not be a lady.
  • Well it's a choice...usually if you go to a family friendly resturant you will get the noise. If you prefer to go to quiet dinning or hang with grown folks you would choose a different type of establishment, sometimes parents do not react pleasantly when asked to quiet their children down.
  • Its just that in todays world I see to many parents who turn their kids loose in a restaurant,letting them run the isle's or jump up and down in the seats yelling at the top of their lungs and they just laugh as though this is cute and normal,I have seen people trip of kids running in the isle, one was a older man with a cane,the parents said nothing.Another time had kids throwing food from their table into my plate and the dad said"My son just likes to play,isn't he cute, hes going to have a good baseball arm"and turned back around and continued eating as if nothing happened.These are the kids I have problems with those that parents never make mind,every thing they do is cute and are so shocked one day when they do thing really bad.

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