• Considering it was a remake, yes. It needed something to get people to go to the same tired old story they have seen at least four times in other movies already. Plus, you have to consider when it was released. What movie without sex and nudity brought in even close to the same amount of money that year? +2 for good ?
  • No, it didn't. Few if any movies need the sex and nudity. The movie industry did just fine without it for many decades and, despite the fact that they keep pushing this stuff off on us, it is the more family friendly movies that actually do better at the box office. Titanic may have been a blockbuster, but on the whole R rated movies just don't do as well as PG movies do. Despite this, Hollywood continues to make these kinds of movies rather than the more family friendly movies that people really want.
  • It wasn't fair that they only showed the girl naked. We women need eye candy too[but not DiCaprio!]
  • I agree with you blondie. If they can show a woman completely naked, then why do they only show a mans butt. I think it is only fair. If my old man gets to sit and get a h*** on when a naked girl is on tv. Why can't I drool over the naked
  • Well you should hear this song..... Sex Sells...
  • No, it didn't really need to be near as long as it did.
  • No it didn't. The movie pretty much lifted Edith Wharton's House of Mirth and set it on a ship. The book did just fine without the sex and nudity. The movie didn't need it either.
  • It was a trend for teenage girls to see that movie many times over. The nudity was a way to ensure that the teenage boys wouldn't mind seeing the movie again. Thus higher profits. I'm no prude, but I was a little surprised when she bared it all.
  • I'm not sure, but it wouldn't have made box office if it wasn't for that
  • Beh, why not. It's not like it was all that hardcore anyway, and besides it went pretty well with the theme and all. I mean the only nudity you actually see is when Jack makes a portrait of Rose, and that was kinda sweet. Besides like what the hell, a whole buncha people die in that movie and nobody says anything but here pops a pair of breasts and it's like OMG SIN.
  • I enjoyed it. I am sure there was a lot of both sex and nudity on the Titannic. Made it more realistic and enjoyable.
  • It was freezing. They had to keep warm somehow.
  • no a good script may have helped though

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