• It happened a long time ago; it was like that when I was in school about 35 years ago. I think it's lack of pay; burn out before the teachers even finish their degree and the stress of large classes that seem to be filling with children with less and less discipline at home coupled with less and less options for the teachers to do something about it. Frustration in a word; tough this may not be true of every case.
  • It is a definate shame! I understand the excuses that are given for teachers{stress,too many students per teacher etc}.It is my beleif if one cannot handle the job they need to find a new job.
  • When I was in junior high (about 20 years ago), I had a terrible teacher who would belittle all the students, insulting them with names and even calling one Hispanic boy a "Brazilian nut". He would walk around and terrorize students with a yardstick, slamming it on their desks to scare them and laughing it off. He would even make students go get a cup of coffee for himself everyday. He was horrible, yet in those days no one seemed to do anything about it. It's too bad our education system cannot better filter out the bad apples from the good-----but for every bad teacher there are usually many good ones.
  • You get what you pay for. Three of the teachers in my elementary school had part time jobs on the side just to make ends meet. This is by no means an excuse, but a fact. Many students in college choose majors related to education, but not teaching, because they can make more money.
  • Parents raised their children to be brats and some of those grew up to be teachers. Then the next generation ended up being even less well-behaved than that. It's a vicious cycle.

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