• I don't know. I wasn't on the old AB. What do you mean by downgrade? They did down rate, but they don't now. From what I understand a lot of functions that were on the old AB are not available now. Is that what you meant? Were you on the old AB? If so, what was your name then? There are some users here from back then that may remember you.
    • Briana Turner
      What i mean is that the old website was aesthetically better and there was a point system. Yeah I was on the old answerbag I ws Gideon and I was a guru [lots of points ;)]. I just meant that its weird because I cant even read the description in my own question ! Believe me if you were on the old AB youd like it a lot better. This site has the same mechaniucs but it went from porsche to austin mini cooper.
  • The old 'bag was struggling with a lack of income. So they put it up for sale and got two bids --------- one for $125 and one for $125,000. (something like that) That's what I remember. Anyway, a division of Bloomberg Media now operates it. They are called 'Wired Ivy' I think.
  • From my perspective, the old AB just vanished one day without any warning. Then, more recently, it reappeared with the current makeover, also without warning or fanfare.
  • The old answerbag, yahoo answers and the others were intending to build an encyclopedia of q&a as a sort of AI database. This incarnation seems like some throwback to chat boards from 20 years past: it does not appear to have some greater purpose than displaying a few banner ads.

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