• I think it will be a lot better than earth. The Bible doesn't tell all about Heaven, but if God is there it's gonna be one rockin place. He made the earth didn't he? He saved the best for Heaven. Hell will one stinkin pit of torture. Which would you choose? I know what I chose. :)
  • boring? heaven's no! an eternity of concerts, parties and getting to know new people? Sounds pretty good to me.
  • Depends on what kind of food they serve ;)
  • As long as there is root beer and fluffernutters up there....I'll be fine:)
  • Well, with all the cool people that are damned to an eternity in Hell these days, I'd say that Heaven would have to be pretty damned boss to compete.
  • One would get tired of it quickly,then it is out to the pub for a beer,toke of weed,and a hooker.They probably close the pearly gates at 9 and they get back in ,at least for one
  • I don't think so. Certainly more comfortable than the alternative. I actually don't believe in hell.
  • sounds very boring
  • yes... I don't like the idea of myself sitting under the orange tree with oranges falling on my head. that sucks, I would have the urge to get away from there often. What does bible say about heaven security?
  • I once heard this song which was sung by a Catholic priest. It went something like this: When we get to heaven gonna drink all the time Having ever lasting life (repeat X2) When we get to heaven gonna eat chocolate all the time Having ever lasting life When we get to heaven gonna party all the time Having ever lasting life (repeat X2) etc etc. Fill in your own happy indulgent things. It sounds like a lot of fun to me!
  • I'll take my chances...It sure beats the alternative!! I don't think it will be boring, it will be eveything great you could imagine. Everything that's good here on earth will pale in compare to what it will be like there. Exactly what all that entails is not for us to know until we get there.... IF we get there..Heheh.
  • Was that a pun? Anyway, I don't really get heaven. I mean, who would want to spend eternity living in a gated community?
  • we won't KNOW boring, same as we won't know death, tears, sickness, hunger,etc. Paradise will be JOY and LOVE...
  • What description of heaven in the Bible are you talking about?
  • Yep according to the xian bible. I'd rather believe in reincarnation at least there would be some change and excitiment. adoring a god for eternity is a bit extreme.
  • iv thought about this alot (even though im athiest) and i came to the descision that heaven would suck for me if it did exist, in life i enjoy all the things that i imagine to be frowned upon by god, beer, sex, tattoos, rock music. basically i would be damned to an eternity of boredom, at least a hot poker up the ass in hell would get the adrenalin going.
  • Im Christian. I believe in heaven. No im not a fanatic, and no im not a zealot. I've thought about it a lot, and honestly it does sound a tad boring. But please note that that is realised by my earthly feelings. When I do eventually go to heaven I understand that a lot of things about me will change. No more sin and so on. What I do look forward to, and even if things didn't change, about heaven is the lack of hate and violence. I would take all the boredom in the world for that. As a member of the military i've experienced hate and violence on a level most people shouldn't. For that I look forward to heaven. No more hate. So... in short it does sound a little boring from my earthly perspective. But what do I know? He made me--im sure he's not going to bore me. And at least I can finally get an answer about black holes :p
  • There is a description of Heaven in the Bible? Where? I seem to remember something about sitting by God's side and worshiping him for eternity. But the stuff about clouds and angels and harps, I think the Catholic Church just made that stuff up. Can you cite a passage in the Bible?
  • If you take up Islam and then blow yourself up as a martyr for Allah you'll get 72 virgins in heaven. Can't beat a deal like that. Disclaimer: extra-large virgins count as two, or sometimes three. ================================
  • No, I don't think that at all. What's one person's boring place is another person's paradise.
  • Remember that God created time at the same time He created the universe (In the beginning God created...)and therefore Heaven does not exist in time as we do. In other words eternity is only our attempt to describe how we will be in Heaven. There won't really be a length of time to get bored! And really if there is no crying or death or sadness there, then there won't be any boredom either. Simples!
  • i think heaven would be boring, an eternity of getting what ever you want whenever you want it? and forever worshipping god? how egocentric is this guy? what sirt f life is that? at least hell, even with all the torture and stuff, would keep things interesting. I mean after 100 years of being burned and not dieing, surley you'd get used to it, then on to th next thing, remember you're already dead, so you could actually grow to like it really. personally i don't think either heaven or hell exist
  • If I was a Mormon, I'd get my own planet and be a God. If I was a Hindu, I could be reborn until I get it right then pass into Nirvana or nothingness. Since I'm neither, I get to bypass all of that and go straight in to nothingness. That's why it would be a shame to waste life here. Heaven is the hope for the hopeless and a fake carrot at the end of a religious stick. I think death will be a surprise to many but not for long because there is no surprise in oblivion. There will be no time to suffer or worship god. No heaven, no hell, no problem.
  • If you really think about what eternity means, you will realise that eternal consciousness would be an unbelievable torment. Whether you were in heaven or hell would make no difference in the long run.
  • no, it sounds like it would be more fun than being here
  • Those who are chosen for a heavenly life will go there for a specific purpose. Rev 5:10 tells us: "you made them to be a kingdom and priests to our God, and they are to rule as kings over the earth." Over whom? Ps 37:29 informs us: "The righteous will possess the earth, And they will live forever on it." Under what conditions? "abundance of peace...the wicked will be no more...They will build houses and live in them, and they will plant vineyards and eat their fruitage. They will not build for someone else to inhabit, nor will they plant for others to resident will say: “I am sick.”...there is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous...death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away." (Ps 37:10,9;Isa 65:21,22;33:24;Acts 24:15;Rev 21:4 Sincerely E

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