• Where's my commission? I love points! I'd roll around naked in points if I could! They're beautiful and wonderful and delightful and I love to see them pile up in a greedy stack! Muahahahahahahaha
  • I'm saving up all my points for my new condo in the tropics...I don't dislike the points..It gives me an idea of where I am in the system..but they really do count for nothing:)
  • it's not bad to like points, but you can't take ratings too seriously. I say that I don't care, but I do enjoy getting a bunch of points. I just don't care if someone gives me negative points
  • No, it's not wrong to like points. Most people here would say that they are after the friendships and the learning, and not the points. Fine. But then again, we can also say the same thing about money. Why do we work hard for it? I know it pays for the bills and stuff, but is money more important than the people we love and who love us? or the friendships that we have forged? And like the points, we can't take money to our graves. And yet, our time is spent running after the money.
  • I like me a point whore if you will I dont care ....:)
  • I had a question about the leaderboard several days ago where I unabashedly admitted to liking points but I also mentioned a lot of all the other good stuff that I do in the comments. Hey, if we work hard, we can toot our own horn once in a while; no one else is going to do that for us.
  • I like points, why not?
  • that depends on what your definition of "bad" is. oh, and what your definition of "is" is. lol
  • I'll admit it! I LOVE my points!LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Getting points is like getting a pat on the back from my fellow ABers saying "Job well done. We appreciate you." And I get pissed when someone DRs what I consider to be a valid answer......even though it effects only my percentage, not my points.
  • Admittedly I like pointsvery much. The more the better.
  • I like points, I just won't whore myself out for them...Ok maybe...
  • I've been wondering the same thing. I like points. I like getting them and giving them.
  • I like points, they're just not the biggest thing here for me. The conversation is the ''cake'' yo...
  • Points are one of the main reasons I'm here.
  • I dig points. They make you feel good, points play on your psyce like it or not. Points are a type of reward called a "variable interval reward" quite possibly the strongest motivator of all types of rewards, and the most gratifyting. Ill lay it out like this, because I love this stuff. Just suppose that every time you were to answer a question that points were awarded to you simply for answering the question or if points were awarded for every tenth question. Yes for the most of us that might mean more points in general, but if that was taken away would you answer the same questions as you did before if your motivation was to get points. Most likely not. The way answerbag is set up is that anybody can give points for questions or answers. You are not gaurenteed points for anything except for moderation (basicaly) so you will only receive points when somebody else believes that you deserve points. Its like a person who is a horrible golfer, they hit 11 balls into the ruff and then on the 12th hit they have a beautiful drive and they are proud of it. Answerbag is the same way, even though you never know that you will or will not receive points you know that chances are you will eventully receive points if you continue to ask and answer questions. Very motivating, and very gratifying and that is one of the cheif reasons that people say AB is so addicting.
  • i want points many many I am in a race with my sister who is on level 31 so yeah i love them
  • No, it's not bad since I'm sure it helps to stimulate the whole site's use. But there's so much more to it than liking or not liking. It's nice to get points and I don't think people mean they don't 'like' them. It's just that there is so much more to being here than points. I'm not on here just for the points. I didn't even realize there were points for the first few days here even though I saw I rose in the ranks LOL! It's the people and the interesting questions that keep my interest going, not 'Will I get points for this?" and "Gotta ask more questions to get points!" I just do what I like and the points come or they don't. I answer so many questions that I know will never get points, especially in some 'fact' type categories, like rabbits. Occasionally someone will thank me for something I say and they won't even think about leaving points since they are here just for that one question. But that's fine with me since I am thrilled I helped someone. Why is it so wrong to say that the points are okay but not the reason I love it here?
  • I like them from the perspective of them being an indicator of appreciation and acknowledgment. This is the value I think they hold.
  • Of COURSE I like (postive) points. It's the Negative points I don't really understand (at least on MY answers! LOL). I like the way my AB Meter fills up, and that sea of light-green on the left side of my feedback page! LOL HOWEVER, I also like that I'm helping people or making them laugh. And I appreciate the "great answers" I get now and then, too. ;-)
  • You should already know my answer ;) - I am in love with the points around here
  • I came on here to truly help people. as far as the points go, a person could have many points, but have helped very few. When quality becomes first, then the quantity will take care of itself
  • When I first logged onto AB, it was all about points for me. I looked at the website more as a game than anything else. But after being on here awhile, you find that there are a lot of cheaters and cheat cliques on here who don't play by the rules, after that it just got out of hand and I realized the true nature of the site is to entertain and educate it's community. I still appreciate the honest points that I recieve, but I do not depend on them for my status.
  • i came to get help and give help if i was able to. I just relized what the points did really. ROFL
  • I like points, they give Answerbag something that keeps making me stay in here.
  • I don't care about points because they can be achieved by many means other than creative a result they become meaningless. You also have people "positrolling", which gives unearned also have "gangs" of friends enhancing their friends' also have people on the verge of another level asking AB members to help them along...if points were awarded strictly on merit/value/contribution, that would be one it is, they are can you value something that can be manipulated to gain a goal? The answer is, you can' is like cheating at you "win"..really? You cheated! You didn't win anything! :(
  • dr.maxwell would say that its probably been worst to admit his blatant love towards trolls. he doesn't give a damn about points.
  • I like points. It's fun going up in rank and levels.

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