• Toothbrush would be most conveniently found. ;)
  • If it is the walls and ceiling then forget the brush and option for a paint pad or roller. Get a small brush to do the edges with around skirting and ceiling - it's called 'cutting in' and it should be done first. Both are easy to use and the Paint Pad will not splatter like the roller. Use emulsion (in a paint tray) and don't put it on all the same direction. Just slap it on - thickly. You will need at at least 2 coats minimum and, as it is the bathroom, it must be wipe proof or the steam and condensation will damage it in next to no time. You can buy special emulsions for bathrooms but they are pricey - all you need to get is- a good brand and one that states on the tin it is wipe able - or the emulsion type must be vinyl satin (soft sheen) or vinyl silk (matte tends to be non-wipe in the cheaper makes). And don't forget to do the ceiling!
  • I like to use painting pads... I included a link to a picture in case you didn't know what I was talking about. They are SO EASY!! You just wipe the paint on and can get all the way into the corners. I am a TOTAL BEGINNER and it worked great for me, and it would be a really fast easy way to put a base color down if you plan to sponge paint or something fancy. Happy painting!
  • Use a roller and a brush for the edges. The person elsewhere who talked about "cutting in" describes the approach perfectly. Can he or she come and decorate my house ?
  • I like to use a roller for the wall surfaces, but cutting into corners and edges with an angled sash brush. With a sash brush you don't have to tape anything, just let the angle do the work for you:-)
  • Bogbrush.
  • whatever kind you want to use

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