• As far as we can tell...they don't. But, good to see you back, anyway. The girls were suggesting we organize another search party. I kept them calm.
  • Under my deck. I'll wake them up when I start putting furniture on my deck in the spring.
  • On my U.S. Government teacher's ceiling and window sill of his classroom. All my classmates called the first one (ceiling fly) Roger and the second one (window sill) Roger 2.
  • 1) First, are you sure that they sleep? Here is the answer: 2) "Rose, "Where do flies sleep at night?" Mother, "On the window-ledges, and on the walls, and ceilings, and other places". Rose (concerned), "Tisn't safe, is it?"" Source: "Intellectual Growth in Young Children"
  • I am tempted to say in poop. But that's where many of them are born.

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