• yep .. the mens restrooms never have lineups!! .. and theres never 30 million girls crowding around one mirror, slowly putting on lipgloss .. its also kind of fun to shock the men .. this makes it sound like i do this often .. i really dont, only once in a while :)
  • I don't think us men could get away with doing that.
  • I've had to once or twice, like in a dive or something where the ladie's room is out of commission. No big, until I step in a puddle on the floor and the toilet isn't leaking... *sigh* The joy of bar bathrooms...
  • I do it all the time in late at night in buildings when I know I can get away with it.
  • Yes, it was after driving for 12 hours in the middle of the night. The rest stop had the doors propped open to allow the floors to dry after mopping. I did not even notice it was the womens, because the sign was on the door. As I sat in the cube, I heard a flush, the noticed a woman washing her hands at the sink and thought "why is a woman in the men's room? It was then that it struck me OOPS. I got out of dodge quickly!
  • I've accidentally walked into a ladies' room because the gender symbol on the door was so ambigoonius. IIRC I saw a woman in there as soon as I got past the door, did a 180 at pulsar speed, and warped out of there. I think my wife had to use the men's room tonight at our favorite Thai restaurant because the women's room was cleaned and locked up for the night. If she can't be more punctual we really should eat at the other Thai place which closes 90 minutes later. A few years ago I only had one b'room. I was using it when she had an urgent need to go. The poor woman had to go in my...maybe I should omit those details. Anyway, now I have two b'rooms which are both gender aspecific. ;)
  • I've wandered into ladies' rooms on occasions when I was single and doing a lot of bar hopping. When I saw the Kotex machine and no urinals, I would get the hell out of there like greased lightning.
  • Yes, a few times, when either the ladies one was broken or they had arranged to use the men's at some event because the ladies was too small.
  • Rarely, but yes ... when there were some sort of extenuating circumstances.
  • No, but my son used to use the girls toilets when he first started school. He couldn't understand why they were upset because he said we all use the same toilet at home.
  • Yes, when you gotta go, you gotta go.
  • Yes, I was once at a collge party where the building we were in used to be a hotel. The mens room was down in the basement, dark and dingy with uncovered cobwebbed pipes. Later in the evening I really had to go again, so I ducked into the women's room which was on the main floor. I ALMOST GOT LOST! I entered through the door marked "Women" First there was a room with nothing in it. The second room had some nice couches and chairs for lounging. The third room had chairs in front of little vanaties and mirrors. And then finally (gasp) I found the stalls. No wonder women spend so much time in the bathroom!
  • I will use the mens room if it is a single toilet, and there is a line behind the womens. I'm careful not to touch much of anything though.
  • Yes. It's a little hard to fit my butt into the urinal. Other than that, no problem;) ahahahaha
  • Yes. The most traumatic episode of this was in the 4th grade when I unknowingly entered the wrong bathroom at school. I entered the stall and got down to business. Only to listen horrified as boys came in and began to use...what's that I see through the cracks???..the URINALS! The horror I felt built in those few frantic seconds until I BURST out of my stall and made a dash towards freedom! I could hear their astonished "That was a GIRL!!" follow me out the door. Thankfully I was never Id'ed and didn't have to pay for the mistake the rest of my elementary school career.
  • yes I have in the past all the restrooms are unisex in our town now though
  • LOL well there are times when need rules out. So yeah I have. It's not my first choice though.
  • Only as a little girl. I haven't now, but Im not bothered about queueing. If I was ridiculously desperate and the queue was ridiculously long, Id jump into the mens. It'd be good fun.....and I'd PEEP AT DEM! And make a point of staring at them to make them feel uncomfortable. Hehe what a treat!
  • Yes, I was desperate... theres even a photo. My sister was kind enough to take it when i was coming out :)
  • Yes, only once in my life time. It was a scary experience. However I was fortunate that no ladies were inside then. It would be most difficult to explain.
  • When the "correct" restroom is out of order, as they sometimes are.
  • no, i dont really want people mad at me
  • Yes. But only to avoid a line and only when its a single room, not multiple stalls
  • Sometimes it's necessary. Just be aware of your surroundings and don't catch anyone by surprise.
  • I have in an emergency. But I prefer the women's restroom.
  • Yes, but only while my girlfriends kept the men out, the queue at the ladies was very long.
  • No, I haven't, and we don't call them "restrooms" either. It's a silly name for them.

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