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  • I can get an orgasm from about any type of stimulation. I have them from a simple touch to all of what most people consider the normal ways. I can also get little ones from just sexy thought or conversations. I always climax to some degree during sex (intercourse.) I also climax during making out which tends to lower my inhibitions as my body craves more - this has caused problems in the past LOL. I answered a similar question about the types I have here:
  • Well they are not different kinds because the physiological mechanism is the same but you mean from different areas of stimulation or that start in different places. We never classified them the way many people today do but we just enjoy them. I have never been able to from just my nipples or neck being kissed or my hair being played with or feet rubbed or anything like that. Sometimes with different people touching and stroking me in all different places I have but only while being tongued or with fingers up me. Yes anal, G-spot, vaginal but not from direct clitoral because that hurts but from little circles around it with their tongues or fingers with little brief direct touchings there. They are single but when they keep going yes multiple. By which I mean yes but one at a time. Mostly only with two guys up me at once or being fisted have I ever had serial.

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