• 8-29-2017 I dunno. I have always wondered why women have no idea what's down there, but they expect every man they meet to be an expert on the subject.
    • Linda Joy
      Well men usually have seen and experimented with more of them than they have! Besides you've also got a better View
    • Jewels Vern
      I mean physical stuff like where to put it. The only help the women can offer is "Don't point that at me if you don't know how to use it!"
    • Linda Joy
      Learn how to use it! I don't mind giving guidance when necessary.
    • Not Funny
      Linda you spend 24hrs a day with your V… and you expect me to know it more than you do!!
  • Call it what you like. I have quite a fondness for them
  • i dont think its just you

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