• you have to download it from a pokemon colleseum bonus disk to your gameboy
  • Go to a used video game store buy a used pokemon colloseum bonus disk.
  • u go in the rocket ship at mosdeep city and fly in space i think it mite be a rumor
  • get it from colleseum
  • There are two ways: 1: Go to the rocket ship every day and talk to the person there. He says something to do with a number (i can't remember in what context he says it but that's not important). The important part is that if the number is 100, he will fly you into space to the place where you can catch Jirachi. There is a very small chance of the number randomly being 100, though. However, after going to a nintendo event and getting the Jirachi mystery gift, you can go and talk to the guy, and he will fly you to space the same as if the random number had been 100. He flies you to the moon, and Jirachi is there. Make sure you are well-equiped to catch Jirachi, because there is no guarentee you can get back to the moon, (or even leave for that matter) if you do not catch or defeat Jirachi. Good luck and good catching.
  • Get him by beating the E4 100 times then go to MOSSDEEP CITY to the old guy who ask if you want to go up in space. But it might just be a stupid rumor so I recommend you get the COLLESEUM BONUS DISK.
  • just as answer number 2 says execpt dexous might be there instead

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