• Abuse, cheating...and some people just aren't meant to be together.
  • Your spouse tells you they want a sex change or that they are gay. That's a deal breaker!!
  • I don't judge other people's reasons for getting divorced. A relationship between two people is incredibly complex, and the reasons for divorce are between those people.
  • Adultery and abuse.
  • If your partner bites off genitalia.
  • you hate each other, its better than doing a mandatory life sentence
  • abandonment and abuse you can work everything else out
  • Abuse of any kind to spouse of children and cheating.
  • Well, I divorced because the person i got married to became a terrible heroin addict. we split as friends...but i just didn't think we were growing in the same direction.
  • Emotional or physical abuse, adultery, chronic addictions....or if you just plain grow apart and hate each other....why stay together?
  • When you begin to have an aversion toward someone or they are abusing you.
  • When they lock you in the upstairs bedroom and threaten to take your child away...but let you out to cook and clean. When they make you feel like you're going insane and that the problem is you. If there are cameras all over and you're not allowed to speak to anyone... and everyone is forbidden to speak to you. When you're ridiculed, laughed at, had everything taken from you. They may not hit you but the abuse is just as bad, if not worse.
  • Not being able to stand the site of him/her.
  • I think it depends on the two people. Some couples have open marriages, some couples are ok with abuse, they justify why it happnes. It has to be one of those things that you talk about before you even get married and both agree that those are the grounds. The biblical meaning of marriage is supposed to be for better or for worse, right? So that technically means, that no matter what, you try your damnedest to make it work, no matter what! Personally, I feel that if you try so hard that it drives you crazy, and you are at your wits end, but you gave it good honest efforts to fix things and work things out, no matter what, abuse, infedility, betrayal, whatever. If you honestly did your best to try to salvage the relationship and it couldn't be saved, then you must ask God to release it from you.

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