• I hope this is helpful. I suffered greatly with these attacks until I absolutely had to have surgery but while in wait I cut out all the greasy red meat and fries and junk. I lived (not happily) on lettuce, fruit and bread. It really helped my painful attacks ease up. I lost a lot of weight in the process. I need to add, my gall bladder was dangerously full. surgery for me was a must do. now two years after the surgery, I can't eat lettuce with out running immediately to the pottie !!! don't wait too long to be checked by a doctor. good luck
  • This isn't exactly an answer to your question, but I have information for someone considering getting their gall bladder removed: I had a gall bladder attack about 5-6 years ago and had my gall bladder removed. As a result, I run to the loo several times a day. Often, I go to the loo and return to my desk. Then, no sooner than I sit down, I have to run to the loo again! Some days are worse than others. Avoiding greasy foods helps, but doesn't solve the problem totally. Also this surgery affects some people more severely than others, and different people need to try different diets to reduce the problem. Fortunately, I have an office job, so I can live with the problem. But for someone who does manual labor or travels a lot, this problem might interfere with their job... Well, gee Grandma Roses, I thought that feedback from someone who actually experienced a gall bladder attack would be helpful to the questioner even if it doesn't answer the specific question. Sorry for being helpful :-(
  • Yes, there are. Read my post on kidney stones in this section. Much of it applies. The olive oil and lemon definitely serve to eliminate gall stones overnight. Possibly a good program would include these things: A healthy diet. Try to remedy any toxins or solvents which could be entering your system, then killing off any internal parasites while supplementing your diet with herbs or nutrients which help to clean the kidneys. This gets the body in better shape for the next step which includes herbs or supplements which help to cleanse the liver. Contrary to what is popular, many gall stones are formed because the liver has been taxed. The liver is a wonderful mechanism which helps to keep the body clean. By improving the liver's health and function, many gall bladder problems can be eliminated.
  • If you are having to run to the bathroom a lot or having a lot of loose stools after meals it could be a gall bladder problem. Your gall bladder has to break down your fat in your meals and if the gall bladder is weak it wont be able to do this and your body will get rid of the fast. Your stool will be greasy and loose, and probably have to use a lot of toilet paper. This works if you still have your gall bladder. Gall Bladder / Liver cleanse. Mix one packet of liquid pectin (like certo brand) to 32 oz of water. Drink 4 oz 3 times a day for a month. repeat one packet per month after that. Liquid pectin is found in grocery stores in canning or jam/jelly making. Don't use the powder type
  • Well, in answer to the person who had their gall bladder removed, and since then has serious problems with needing to use the bathroom a lot. My sister had the same problem - for YEARS!!! I finally had her go to the health store with me, and she bought, and has used, a probiotic supplement. She is so happy with the result! She had habitually used Imodium forever, now has cut her use way down. Please try a really good probiotic and see if you get your system calmed down.
  • Having experienced gall bladder attacks, which turned into the very dangerous pancreatitis, I think I can speak with some authority in the subject. First , you must differentiate between gall bladder attacks and gall bladder disease. The disease is the on-going need to 'be kind' to your gall bladder, which is being dysfunctional and giving you pain. For this, you should, of course, have an expert diagnosis by a doctor, not Gail at the post office's diagnosis that 'It sounds like gall bladder to me!' Having had the physician's opinion, you should follow her/his advice for on-going treatment, which usually consists of diet, stress reduction,etc. No 'home remedy' required. However, for an actual attack, when your gall bladder is having spasms and trying to digest itself, the only home remedy to follow while waiting for medical attention is a completely clear fluid diet, no solids, no stimulants (caffeine, alcohol, spices, etc., medications, even meat extracts in consomme are verbotin), complete bed rest and only as much OTC pain medicine as you absolutely need. If you have on-going attacks, especially if they get worse each time, the best course of action is to see your doctor. Keep in mind that by the time your gall bladder is this sick, its functions have been taken over by other digestive organs , such as the pancreas, and even surgery might not correct the symptoms - such as have been described by other members of Answerbag.
  • My husband was going to a wonderful old German man for his back pain. This doctor used massage trerapy to correct my husband's poor alignment and thus did away with his constant pain. He also offered a wealth of knowledge in maintaining good health. One interesting fact he shared was that by drinking 1 glass (10 oz.) of pear juice three times a day for three days will completely wash out your gall bladder. This helps to keep the gall bladder clean and healthy. I've done this several times. I have to mention that in most groceries, you will have to find your pear juice in the baby section. It's usually in 32 oz. bottles. Also, seeking natural rmedies is good judgement since the God who made our bodies also makes what we need for good health!! Modern meds. are great when NEEDED!!!! -- MarthaJane :)
  • there is a gall bladder fast that i have done at least 3 times in my life.I am 49yrs old. each time producing gall stones. You'll need 16oz cold pressed olive oil.Lemon juice it's best to squeeze fresh, but I have usued realemon juice from the for 24 hrs. just liquids.Around 7pm (I don't know why)begin by drinking a quarter cup of olive oil, followed by a shot or 2 of lemon this every 15 mins.until olive oil is gone. I know it tastes gross. You may not be able to finish it all b4 getting sick. It should still produce results.Go to bed. You will want to get up around 2am to go to the bathroom.Look in the toilet and you will see gallstones.Waxy little things, green
  • this is part 2. there was'nt enough room. Anyway. When you go potty, there should'nt be much bulk in your stool so the gall stones will be ez to see. They will be from quarter size on down. I know this sounds gross,but fish them out with a fish net. save em maybe show them to the doctor that wanted you to have surgery.Lemme know if this has been helpful. Email Take care
  • i stay away from greasy foods and deffinatley dont eat anything from McDonalds. every time i do, even if its a salad, it tears me stomach up into a rage. i drink lemon juice and salt at night and it eases it. i have severe almost constant gallbladder attacks that make me drop to the floor and cry, but i dont have insurance and the doctors wont remove it unless its completly life threatening.
  • what's helped me in the past is a two day cleanse. This includes and ONLY includes: Pear juice, pears, apple juice (but NO apples), and as much apple sauce as one's self can take, cuz that is the entire menu, and water, of course. For 2 whole days only those items. You may find towards the end of the cleanse some unexpected stones in your stool. Also, "jtinphx's" response with the olive oil/lemon juice is another method for a quick clean of the gallbladder.
  • I had sever gall bladder attacks, so i tried a remedy i kept seeing everywhere on the internet. Don't eat for at least 6 hrs, before bed drink this 6 oz coke classic 6 oz extra virgin olive oil or flaxseed oil, cold pressed 2 oz lemon juice drink at room temperature go straight to bed, lay on your right side for 30 minutes to an hour with your knees held as close to your chest as possible. next day i expelled gallstones most of the day, little green pebbles. very gross looking, but i am thrilled with the results, no more pain since.
  • I had to share this with people who might be experiencing bad gallbladder attacks like I am (I'm in the midst of scheduling surgery to take the thing out b/c it's killing me!)..but I read this online and figured I'd try anything just about now to get rid of this pain from the attack: Drink one glass of 100% apple juice (8 oz) with 1 TBSP of Apple Cider Vinegar. Within 15 minutes my pain went away, completely....I was amazed. I'm not sure if this will work for everyone, but Ive been having some VERY bad attacks and this worked amazingly. I'm so happy the pain is gone right now and can't wait to get my surgery to take it out finally :(

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