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  • Foreplay is the key. Get her really hot and bothered, probably by going down on her for a really long time. Another good way is to go down on her but do it in a way that your cock is close to her face, or in hands reach. She will get turned on and return the favor.
  • Wholly shit man!! This should have been sorted out before she was your wife!! However, in the interest of good oral sex, there are two key issues here: 1) Keep your dick clean clean clean. She wont want to stick a dirty cock in her mouth, and 2) Ask her if she would like to have oral sex and that it would really turn you on. Take it from there! Communication is always the key.
  • If I knew the answer to your question my friend I would be a very rich man indeed. The first woman I was engaged to didn't know what oral sex was so I had to try and teach her. Which reminds me of that old saying "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink!" She was a bad pupil, she basically didn't really want to learn about it. Sadly though her sister was very keen to show her knowledge and that is another story..
  • Ha, i've successfully got my wife to suck my dick pretty much everyday or at the least 2-3 times a week. Before i'd never get any bjs. I just talked to her. Told her how I felt, and that I loved blow jobs. I wasn't really getting any sex either, but after telling her that not having sex etc... is effecting our relationship, she admited it too and now it's fucken great. I couldn't ask for more. I'm a horny as hell person, but now I even find myself denying a bj or sex. Just have a talk, keep your dick clean, then give her tips how you like it. Damn, i never knew she could suck so good after giving her some pointers. Love my wife bitch!
  • bribe her
  • Be patient.
  • Check out this website This is a proven formula that guarantees that your wife or girlfriend will suck your cock. I should know, my husband used it on me and I'm now sucking his dick 2-3 times per week. It works.
  • I actually got fed up and told her i was not gonna wear my ring until she does the deed, i love going down on her and she climax's multiple times every time but i allways seem to get none. It was good every day or at least twice a week now marrage and none it has been years, i allways joked with her and told her i'd have to hire a professional haha so i get resentful and feel cheated when she doesn't so i finally said that i was not going to wear my ring.
  • I didnt have to ask ! From the time as my g/f when she stayed over at my place , she loved to give me head and since then she loves it even more . It turns me on enormouslly and always lead to mindnumbing sex !! Just the other night while she was sucking my dick I couldnt hold back and she swallowed it all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Eat her pussy first, and if she still won't do it, find out why. If it's one of those annoying "It's gross!" reasons, then it's time to start getting head elsewhere if you can't live without it.
  • This worked for me and my husband. It's a step-by-step guide put out by Clint Alexander called "Oral Formula One" shows you how to get your wife or girlfriend to suck your cock on a regualr basis. It's the only program I know of that actually works. Check it out
  • it will not work! just to let you folks know....! if they dont want to they wont bottom line.... iam sadly in the same boat.... so get some new mouth. its the only way or suffer. me im married so i must suffer
  • I do it for him because we both enjoy it.
  • My husband doesn't have any trouble with that.
  • I just tell her to blow me. My wife has definite submissive tendencies, and it turns her on to suck on command. So I get sucked off whenever I want it. She loves it.
  • He doesn't hvae to "get me" to do it.

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