• we never talk to our selves when alone... all we ever do is ask like why did I walk into this room.. or where did I put something... we have never gotten into an argument and lost it to our selves.
  • I could tell myself stuff like "Maybe we should do this in another way", "That didn't go well" etc. Then I laugh about it and feel nuts.
  • duh! if your alone, it wouldnt be to anyone! seriously though, I only talk to myself if I make a mistake at work, like, if I am hammering a ceiling up and wack my hand...
  • Constantly. Nothing interesting... I am at the moment actually. I'm trying to translate something into French and it's not going well. Me and me are getting annoyed.
  • Yeah, little things. Sometimes full sentences, but not too often. I sometimes respond too. It's fun!
  • i do speak out loud while being alone,this is because i am directing my dialouge to the dead.
  • I found myself doing it this morning,my partner was after leaving for work and i kinda drifted back to sleep.when i woke up I had my back to where he usually sleeps,i started calling him for work,was getting no reply so i started getting grumpy and giving out.I eventually turned around,he wasn't there and i finally copped on that he had left over 2 hours beforehand.Oops :)
  • I talk to my self.
  • Sure I do. I say what I'm doing or voice my ideas and I sometimes read in an undertone to help understand and remember the information. It's like my brain is 'open' for sound:-)
  • i've ended up talking to myself before and then realize it and say "shut up gosh" for no "apparent" reason...
  • Yes, when you are lonely you cant help but talk to clears ur mind and it helps to figure out what makes sense or not..its mostly cries out to god.
  • I do it when I'm shopping to make verbal notes or reminders to myself as addenda to my shopping list. I have a good memory so that's easier than carrying a pen when my pockets are already full of other paraphernalia.
  • Yes sometimes to myself and sometimes to other people that should be here but are not.
  • I have and it is usually something like da*n it! sh*t! or dumba*s and it is being said to me. Didn't you ask if I was alone? ;)
  • I have conversations with myself all the time, I don't have to be alone. It's when the conversation turns ugly and I start to argue and call me names, is when I need some help making a decision.
  • Yes, usually yelling at myself for doing something stupid. I have to then yell at my dad/bro/Boyfriend for interupting my conversation with myself.
  • Yes I do. I speak to myself and say things according to the sitution am in and the mood am in. I usually speak to my heart, Soul. I feel relief when I do such a thing like that.
  • When I'm biking to college sometimes I realise I'm sort of chanting "Fuck I'm cold" to myself to try and cheer myself up, it sort of stops me being as cold.
  • I usually do. Its usually me cussing at my computer, though..Its been acting up.
  • I do it often. But then the voice in my head tells me to shut the %#@& up ;)
  • yea all the time I talk to myself like theres someone there but an agreeable someone
  • I have conversations while I lie in bed to go to sleep a lot. I also talk to myself while I'm driving and sometimes talk to other drivers on the road even though they can't hear me.
  • I do... especially when I'm driving. I tend to carry out conversations with the other "why didn't you use a turn signal?".."oh... sorry LeeLee...I was too busy on my cell phone to notice that I nearly hit you"
  • I am usually demeaning myself for doing something stupid. Like "OMG! How could you DO THAT!?!"
  • When I'm driving, I sing and do impersonations. Often the characters I impersonate start talking to each other. Some of my best impersonations include several characters from Daria, Bobby Hill, Lois Griffin, Miss Swan, Cher, Stevie Nicks, Cyndi Lauper, Betty Boop, Olive Oyle, and many more, so as you may well imagine the conversations get pretty wild.
  • It's usually cursing. And it's directed towards me.
  • i talk to myself all the time, its good to see im not the only one that does it , i really thought maybe i was a little crazy

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