• Cleaver Sleazoid by Dir en Grey This is my favorite song. It makes me really happy whenever I listen to it. Haha. It's creepy, twisted, & wonderful.
  • Klaatu ... "A Routine Day" ... I could not find a video of their song "Hope", but this song is about a boring day of an average guy ... .
  • Dead Can Dance Sanvean (I Am Your Shadow) I fell in love with Lisa's voice and her incredibly ethereal demeanor and look. This song was playing during a scene from The West Wing when America was holding a vigil for the kidnapped daughter of the president. Lisa invented the language she is singing.
  • The song is by a Swedish DJ named Basshunter. He's a pretty young kid, and a bit dorky. His first breakthrough hit was this song, Botten Anna. It's about an IRC bot who moderates his channel, and then turns out to be a person. Yea, it's totally ridiculous. The funky part is that after he became a bit more famous, he remade the song "in English". The English version is called "Now You're Gone," as you can see it's totally and utterly different. Scandalous! I like it, but also I noticed that there is a serious lack of electronica/techno/dance fans on AB and I really think more people would like it if they were introduced to it.
  • Omigosh, there are so many... Here are a few songs that I like. Mostly because I like a good strong beat in my music. Others are for lyrics. The first is 'Lifeless Dead' by Mad Season (rip Layne) Awesome beat, you can feel his depression and the spiral he was riding. The second is 'Big Love' By Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac. There are other versions of this song but I like this one the best. It is very raw and I love the wanting in his voice. And the guitar... well are there words for it? Next we have 'Can't Stop' By the Chili Peppers. This video cracks me up, these guys are so silly. But I like the beat in this one, too. Okay... Just one more... 'Mannish Boy' by Muddy Waters. GOTTA love how rural it sounds when Muddy sings blues!!! (cuts short a little at the end) :( Well this was fun... Thanks for listening to my crappy taste in music!!
  • Lacuna coil Swamped It's a freakin awesome vid, and it relieves my stress.
  • I was listening to this when I read this question. Song title is 'All The Young Dudes' by Mott The Hoople. It was written by David Bowie. I have been a fan of this band since this song was released 35 years ago or so. This song was in the movie 'Juno', also on the soundtrack which hit #1 in the USA.
  • HTTP://
  • Westerberg is certainly one of the best song writers in contempory music. This song exemplifies an issue all of us have experienced male or female, a Love Untold.
  • It's one of my all-time favorites and I NEVER get tired of playing it ... "Hysteria"!
  • Wanna dance yo?...
  • This is my fave video of the week! It's one of my fave bands. The song is "In Joy and Sorrow" by HIM. I love this song cause it reminds me of Guns N Roses mixed with David Bowie (Labyrinth).
  • My favourite band Oasis and a generally great tune. Will be my funeral song eventually.
  • I picked this video because it's upbeat, happy music that seems to put me in a good mood. I suppose that it doesn't have a very big following, but I like it. Jo-El Sonnier - "Evangeline Special"
  • KMFDM -Drug against War.Just a cool video.

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