• Did she? Well. Good for her. I actually quite like her....:)
  • She actually was nominated for six and won five. She was beaten for Album of the year which was a surprise.. They say she did not attend , I would imagine that was because the USA would not give her a visa because of her drug abuse.
  • Apparently, a lot of people disagree with you that she is awful. I like her. She has a very original, soulful sound that's much better than most of the other stuff out there.
  • She is very talented, a pity she has so many issues.
  • That's just your opinion. I think she's very talented and I like her music.
  • I think she is awesome as well as many others.
  • I think she is rather talented, but she really needs to clean up and do something with that HAIR!!
  • I think she's great, but thats my opinion, as for her personal thats awful.
  • "Yes she is sick and needs help, But that DOES NOT take away from her having a nice voice." Source:
  • Well i personally think her music is great, admittedly the woman is on self destruct and i really dont like to watch her much but i just love her voice!
  • She is extremely talented, but just can't get her stuff together. The US won't give her a Visa for goodness sakes. She needs help.
  • i didnt even know that she was in movies or music. i have just heard about here through intouch magazine and i never read anything about her in music or movies. just something about her going to rehab for smoking crack. can you tell me what movies or music is hers cause i have not clue
  • She is awful but it is only our opinion, Other artists think she has talent so they chose her.... I hate her
  • Hell, these awards dont mean crap anymore, so i wouldnt question it and just let it go. Whoever is the person they can get the most money off of wins, at least thats how i see it. Could be wrong though, but w/e
  • i think because she is very unique and innovative not to mention her rehab song is what most people these days relate to.
  • she has a great sound. very blues and earthy tone,a little like janice joplin. but if you like top 10 hits you wont like her
  • Ok all, I will say this. Her voice is ok. She really has an awful "style" of dress. The mop on her head has to go. She needs to stop doing her own makeup and pay someone who knows how to apply it. The video that was posted in this thread...not my opinion. There are two songs that I can deal with, but at this point, that is it. So, thanks to all for your opinions. I appreciate all sides to a conversation. Hopefully, you will understand my opinion. :-)
  • I think she's a drop dead gorgeous looking gal (especially the hair :) and she can sing really well. Its just a pity she wastes all that on drugs & stuff :(
  • I think it's unfortunate that so much attention is given to her personal life in the media. Of course, this is true of so many celebrities. Her MUSIC is what she won the Grammys for. Not her personal life. Frankly, the Grammys don't hold much interest for me. They are not a true reflection of what great music is actually out there.
  • I hear all this stuff about what a voice. I hear her finally. She sings like a man.
  • I remember when she appeared about 2-3 years ago. SHe was OK, no great shakes. I know more about her from seeing her in the paper every morning (her and Britney bloody Spears). I couldn't give a proverbial about her private life. And as the Simposn's said... (paraphrased) Homer (to Bell Boy): Here take this statuette (in lieu of a cash tip) Bell Boy: Oh wow! A real award statu... oh wait, it's just a grammy (chucks it out of window)

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