• well sh*t if everyone just got along we would be allll good, but noooo
  • No, but the airplane should be rigged to shoot a bullet at the direction of the would be hijacker inside the cockpit. This by either pilot or copilot manipulating a foot joystick that would turn the muzzle towards the coward and blow his rotten brains to kingdom come.
  • One of my very close family friends is a commercial airline pilot, and after 9/11 his demeanor totally changed. He keeps the fire axe close by whenever he is flying, so I guess you can say they are armed to an extent.
  • I'm not really sure. I lean towards yes. Of course, they'd have to be subject to more background testing and a course in the correct use of firearms. The biggest thing I have against it is the fact that a gun would already be on the plane, thereby ridding any would-be terrorists of the task of having to smuggle one in themselves. They'd only have to get it out of the pilot's hand and then, bad day.
  • Yes...the only other option to keep terrorists from blowing up planes is to have canisters of pigs blood on all passenger planes (violates their religious beliefs for coming in contact with an unclean animal) or have all flight attendants wear a remote panic button that notifies the captain to release a knock-out gas of some kind into the passenger cabins.
  • I am not sure. If a gun is shot on the plane and it penetrates the skin of the plane, what will happen to the plane? Maybe the best thing to do is to give the pilots a taser, that would render the jerk harmless until the pilot can land the plane at the next airport.
  • I was thinking not a gun but then what? Captn Bill has the perfect answer I think. Plus your right some wont be able to shoot then the bad guys will have a gun! But I think most anyone would taser the bad guy.
  • Yes! How else are they gonna fly the plane! (sorry, I couldn't help myself) Swish!
  • I should hope so! If they don't have arms how will they steer the plane!
  • With the AA 12 steps.
  • Yeah I dont see why not.
  • This particular issue has been debated and discussed so much by the FAA, that I almost decline to discuss it publicly anymore. Pilots may now qualify to carry a sidearm in the cockpit. This is an absolute fact although very few pilots have actually gone through the process. The training course is a mix of police firearm training and civilian concealed carry training. I personally think that it hasn't been defined clearly enough to the pilots who have opted to carry these weapons. The manner in which these firearms could be used in an incident has not been clearly outlined therefore I would not feel comfortable with the pressed burden of having a firearm. I answered a similar question a month or so ago regarding the fortification of the cockpit door. If anyone is familiar with Patrick Smith's column on, I have found that his views are very much in agreement with mine. I own multiple firearms and I know how to use them safely and skillfully, but I do not wish to carry them while I'm flying. I fly a regional airliner, probably one of the less likely targets for a mass hijacking or attack. Nonetheless, before I finish typing this, one will be hijacked and everyone will think I'm a fool. The key question here - when should the pilot use this deadly force? Should he defend only the flight deck? Should he gallantly put himself in the line of fire to save a few passengers? Would if he is overtaken and loses his gun? What happens if a gun battle breaks loose on the aircraft? The horrific hijackings of 9/11 MAY have been prevented by armed pilots, but this is something that can only be the subject of intellectual speculation. These planes were taken over during climbouts, before reaching cruise speed. If my aircraft were to be jeapordized for hijackers, I would be more intent to take a different course of action. If the autoflight wasn't completely enabled during hijacking, pushing a few buttons to activate it wouldn't be out of the question. In the case of most hijackings, I highly doubt the criminals have any idea how to operate the systems. This could buy you time to fight back. Even if a gun battle caused a bullet to pass through the fuselage wall of the plane, this WILL NOT by itself bring down an aircraft. Although its serious, a pressure loss by bullet hole won't make a commercial plane drop from the sky. You wonder if I'm crazy, believe me, I'm not. Its quite simply not an everyday fear that crosses a pilot's mind. Unless its mandated, I'll stick to a standard black leather belt around my waist. The whole goal of the heightened security and fortified flight deck doors is to prevent a situation from happening before it does. I really don't think we need to rely on our pilots to be a line of defense for passengers. Besides, how comfortable would you feel seeing your captain board the flight with a handgun and a couple of reloads strapped to his belt?
  • If, and only if they want to be. Pilots who carry have a lot of BS to deal with... The BS needs to stop.
  • I think so. I'd feel alot safer if the pilots were armed, especially on international flights!
  • No, that'd shoot their eye out.
  • What difference would it make any terrorists take the Cabin Crew hostage and they focse them to open the Cockpit on threat of killing the crew. With the life of the passengers and his crew under threat any weapons the Captain had would be nullified. A gun fight in the Cockpit is not going to change the situation.
  • Yes, how could they fly a plane without arms...
  • My last answer was a joke now I'll get serious. I think with anything training is the key. Certain people should not carry a weapon and certain people can. I like what the Israeli government does and that is to have bullet proof doors that can be locked from the cabin. This allows the pilots to be safe from terrorist and to fly the plane under any conditions. They are also armed. But along with armed and TRAINED, the key word is trained, there also should be marshals on all flights. We spend way too much money on ridiculous technology that will not work for years instead of simple precautions like those doors and armed marshals on each flight.
  • Unless they can use some other part of their body to control the plane, then yes.
  • Yes. 9/11 would of never happened if the pilots had been armed..
  • I always felt comfortable when the other pilot was armed. Everyone is missing the point, though. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Every time that cockpit door is opened, I would be apprehensive. Yes, they installed super duty doors, but they sure aren't going to try to break into a closed, fortified door! There needs to be a secondary (maybe kevlar mesh) type of screen. You first go through one, secure things, then are allowed to go through the other. Common sense just isn't there in the thought process.

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