• I have no idea why you were D/R'd for this question ...maybe some fool has a guilty conscience so + points for you ...:), now to answer your question ... no I don't think it would be a good idea ... the ones who need to be prosecuted are #1 the companies who put all the fats and artificial colours and flavouring in the foods and #2 the government for sitting on their fat arses and NOT doing anything about it ...oh but I forgot if your big business you can get away with murder if your just an ordinary person they nail your fucking arse to the wall for anything they can
  • I think very few would be affected in a positive way. I think the rest would take unsafe measures to keep thier children at an allowable weight.
  • I think that it is a manner of child abuse..However, I don't think that the parents who do this to their children would have a very good grasp of the concept.
  • Oh, I hate seeing this. My nephew is obese and is under a doctor's constant care. He has a serious asthma problem and must take steroids to stay alive. The steroids make his swell up and grow very obese. He is on a doctor supervised diet, and he knows what will and will not save his life. He look very, very "fat" and it is very sad. Have you seen any pictures of Jerry Lewis, he has the same medication:
  • Do you really believe it best that the government control our lives to that extent? While "letting" kids get MORBIDLY obese can be a bad thing, many children carry a few extra pounds until they are adults. Who's going to say what their weight SHOULD be?
  • Well if the parents cosed the child to be obese maybe but there are allot of other things besides diet and exercise that will make someone obese, medication disorders, diseases and im sure others but im not a doctor.
  • yes. the parents are the reason why their kids turned out to be obese the parents were feeding them chips and pizza when they should have been feeding them carrot sticks
  • No, I do not think it is appropriate to prosecute parents for their obese children. I know parents are partially responsible but they mustn't get the blunt of it. Obesity may occur for a number of reasons: (1) It is a family trait. (2) Due to imbalance diet. (3) Due to lack of nutrition education. (4) Due to lack of exercises. (5) It could well be just a passing phase. To me everybody has a part to bring about healthy children.
  • Look at how many obese ADULTS we have. Should we prosecute THEIR parents as well?
  • considering there are so many reasons kids are overweight I see a lot of lawsuits and big time problems with that plan. Just one of them is the poverty issue. If they can't afford to eat healthy should they only buy enough healthy food for 1 week and then not eat the rest of the month. That's what a lot of poor families would have to do if they hate healthy. Depression causes people to eat as does stress. This would never work for a lot of reasons
  • This subject breaks my heart, I think it is neglect, but I do not think they should go to jail over it, they should be warned, and forced to take dietary nutritional classes.
  • I think parents should be given a lesson in how to feed their children healthily. Alot depends on income, so it should be related to their income.
  • I think there are enough laws. This could get so out of hand that it would not be effective. We can't even get child protective services and foster care to work efficiently in this country as it is, imagine clogging up the courts with this issue. It is a serious concern, but this is not the answer.
  • Good idea, they should because parents know better and letting a child get obese is neglecting their health just as underfeeding a child would be neglect.
  • it depend on why the child is obese, if the parents are overfeeding them then yes , if the child has thyroid issues then no

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