• It does happen but I would never characterize the behavior as normal. Here as anywhere else, you are bound to come across a few ill-bred individuals who seem to lack the ability to distinguish opinion from fact.
  • Let me welcome you to AnswerBag first:) I am really sorry you ran into this so early on. It happened to me in my first week. The few bad apples won't compare to the goodness here of others. You will find compassion and kindness along with a lot of laughs. Give yourself some time to get to know us and please don't judge AB from the few who have a chip on their shoulders:))
  • There are obnoxious users on every website. Of course, I could have answered this question with a response something along the lines of 'omg wth u effing manwhore' but I have some moral values. There are a miniscule amoutn of people on this site who are totally the opposite, but my advice is to ingore them and just absorb the positive aspects of this fantastic community. Welcome to AB btw!
  • No it is not a normal part or occurence, I am sorry that has been an early experience for you . Welcome to The Bag and Good Luck, if a person is rude ignore them.
  • No, it is normal for people who have been taken to task by someone who doesn't know them to respond with their side of things. Now you may interpret this as rude...not unlike they interpreted your scolding as rude. Think of it this had the choice to walk on by the comment thread/answer you objected to. Once you decided to get into the discussion by offering your opened the door for rebuttal. Nothing personal, at least not on my part. **Edit************************************************************** To my friends. We (the users this question targets) DO realize that the nature of this question is to hide whom it is targeting. You have no way of knowing whom you are speaking about. We, myself and the others, understand that and have no hard feelings.
  • It happens. I have seen almost everyone take a turn at rudeness at one point or another. I have been know to be a bit rude myself upon occasion. I try not to get all bent out of shape until I confirm that it wasn't just a misunderstanding or the like. Welcome to answerbag Relax and enjoy
  • not normally, no..but I have seen it happen.
  • Normal, no, but not unheard of.
  • Yes it happens more often than people admit. Don't take it to heart.
  • I find that happens from a lot of individuals who may only come here for one day and they are rude on that one day. Overlook it, and as Babycakes said, have an addiction like the rest of us! lol
  • Common, no. But it happens. Answerbag seems to be a large, long distance family. The more time you spend here the more acquainted you will get to certain names and avatars. You will be able to easily weed out the trolls and rude people. There are those that will be nice to your face and then DR you and you will have no idea who they are. For the most part though, everyone here is really cool and nice. Even if you have a differing opinion then someone it usually greeted with a modicum of respect within the debate.
  • It's not all that normal, but it's going to happen. You will do it too. Without being able to hear voice inflection, we often mistake the tone of the comment. Sooner or later, you will end up stalking (in a good way) a group of people, and will find it more and more comfortable.
  • Not normal, no. Most of the people here are really great. But, like anywhere else, there will always be the few "bad apples" that like to try to spoil things. There are a lot of trolls/bigots who participate in this site. Some can get pretty nasty. The best thing to do is flag them and send feedback to AB about them.
  • I guess that depends on the comment and the manner in which it was stated. It is not unusual to receive unfriendly replies if the comments offered are rude, insensitive, offensive or presented as an attack on people within the comment thread :)
  • Yes. This is the internet, which means people are going to say whatever comes to their minds with no regard to politeness or political-correctness. Also, since this is the internet, one should not be offended by said 'rudeness' given the circumstances.
  • Sh*t happens... move on.
  • It's semi-typical, I guess. You'll get used to it, though. I promise.
  • It is not a normal occurrence, nor is it prevalent, but it occurs often enough. It's best to not be thin-skinned about it, battle them if you feel like, walk away and drop it if you don't.
  • 1) Most of us go on this site for information and fun, so this usually does not happen. However: - many people feel something as rude which was not meant as such. - some situations escalate before we get aware of it. - unfortunately, some people have fun being rude to others. 2) So this happens from time to time, but it is not the usual way. At least as long as people don't feel themselves provoked. Ponder that even if someone is proven to bring a false information, they could have difficulty to accept it, and some hate to have to do so, and they could also hate you for this. Moreover, people could dislike you because you don't have the same opinions. 3) The best rule is: desescalation. But if you really get offensive remarks, you could also report it with a feedback.
  • i would hope not

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