• Just as well as any two other people. Ignore the "horoscope" malarkey.
  • I'm a capricorn and was in a relationship with a scorpio for a year and a half. There were a lot of emotions, but I think we learned a lot from eachother. I don't regret that one.
  • Very well indeed ! Great ...My relations with Scorpions go pretty well :-) !
  • Scorpio and Capricorn are a great match! =] SCORPIO & CAPRICORN= You both know the value of a well-kept secret, deep-throat inside information, and safety deposit boxes. Neither of you fit into the "fool" category, which is one reason you make worthy partners. What an intense, take-no-prisoners team! It’s hard to imagine you ever splitting up! Not only do you make very passionate lovers, neither one of you is willing to walk away from such a good thing.
  • Being a Sex God(scorpio) I'll speak for all of us and say bring it on.
  • Probably not the answer you wanna hear, but I'll say not good. I've been married to a scorpio and dated a few.. now I know to stay away. In my opinion, it can be a manipulative sign. But then again, we can all believe what we want when it comes to astrology.

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