• Get up earlier in the morning. Do a lot of sports, and don't take a nap during the day. Don't eat too much in the evening. That should do the trick.
  • Get up earlier in the morning, make it a habit, and if you have to, try running in the morning as well. This way you should be exhausted by the end of the day and just resting and relaxing after work/school will feel so nice.
  • Perhaps if you like to watch T.V in the evening, you could turn it off earlier than you normally do. Maybe you could record programmes, and watch them another time. Have warm drinks in the evening, and maybe do things more sowly than you normally do in the evenings, also. If you like to listen to music, play it at a lower volume, in the evening. These things might help you to get sleepy earlier.
  • Turn off the lights, your body produces melatonin naturally when it gets dark. Melatonin makes you fall asleep, if there are lights on your body does not know to produce it. there are also melatonin capsules you can buy from a health food store, they are not very expensive. good luck
  • My hubby's philosophy is "If I don't fall asleep when my head hits the pillow, then I didn't do enough during the day." Get up early, eat right during the day, work out, get some house chores done, and don't veg in front of the tv. Stay active!
  • Make sure you see lots of sunlight. Sunlight hitting the retina helps regulate your circadian rhythm and will make you sleepier when it gets dark outside.
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  • I bounce back and forth between good and bad habits all the time... i change my sleeping habits based on when I have to do work. I just love staying up. It's not perfect, but I know how to get it done within a day. - Wake up really early, about an hour before you want to wake up for the next several days. It hurts, but its the most important part. - Keep active thoughout the day and eat more frequently - Do some kind of exercise in the evening - Go to sleep 8 hrs before you want to wake up. You will hopefully be tired. If not, I like to put a really boring station on the TV.
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  • Drink a few "drinks" of the alcoholic beverage of your choice late at night perhaps an hour or two before you'd like to sleep.
  • Sleep experts say go to bed half hour earlier every nite until you get to bed and sleep when u want to. Also the bed is for sex and sleep not reading or watching yele or anything else yep thats what they say
  • Drinking or exercise usually does. I prefer the former, but I always try to do the latter.
  • More exercise

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