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  • Here is a guy's take on it: When the girl is sitting on my face and she cums real hard, I love it when she grinds her juices all over my face. Turn about is fair play sometimes!
  • I have, I have dated women who ejaculate commonly know as squirting. I have even taught women to do this. I let them do it because they let me do it to them.
  • Yes and Yes. Enjoy it, I prefer it! Love it! and I don't even HAVE a mustache.
  • I sit on my mans face all the time . I am a squirter, and squirt alot , he can't keep up swallowing , i have orgasm after orgasm. We both love it and he even saves some in his mouth to share with me as we kiss right afterwards. Verrrrrrrrrrry hottt !!!! BTW my cum is verry ,. verrrrrrrry sweet !!!!!! Angel
  • Countless times. Having an orgasm from oral isn't as strong, but I have orgasmed while sitting on his face. I have also orgasmed from sitting on his face, after we have made love and I was dripping with both of our juices.

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