• Relax, chill out, take a step back and let the situation diffuse.
  • Most of the stress in my job comes from my jerk of a boss. I just pretend I need to use the restroom or something and cool down before returning to work.
  • When I'm not there, it's totally out of my mind. I don't think about it. I don't like any take-home work like many of those I know do all the time. When I'm home, all I do is relax.
  • Sometimes very well, sometimes very poorly!
  • I go home, take a hot bubble bath, go to bed. Wake up! NEW DAY!!!!!!!!!
  • I do service work...I just go out to my truck to get a "tool", have a smoke, think about whatever is stressing me out, maybe make a phonecall to another technician, and see if I can find a way to make things less stressful.
  • i work at a daycare. one of my boys ran into a pole under care of another teacher. nonetheless the dad scared me a lot. i direct them politely to my supervisor
  • Step 1: Don headphones. Step 2: Turn up the volume.
  • Eat potato chips at work ( when noones looking ).
  • Stress in my job usually comes from the workload becoming larger for whatever reason. I just keep moving along and it eventually gets all caught up. If only my co-worker would stop whining about how far behind she is, things would get done even faster.
  • Assuming I'll get into those situations in the future, coz am still a student now..... I think it'll be easy to handle stress though I haven't experienced.I generally don't get angry too easily and naturally I don't get tensed.It has been a great weapon for me so far.I always manage to keep myself really cool and calm in any given situation.So if I can remain so forever, I think it's always easy for me in workplaces.
  • I drive off alone in my little patrol car, to an area away from everyone and cry.
  • Drugs and alcohol;)
  • LOL, surprise, surprise I speak my mind BUT I no longer work, maybe I should've kept my mouth shut. AH screw it, I would have been miserable. I called my managers fiancee a tramp
  • I work in a kitchen, and it can be very intense. I seem to develop temporary tourretes syndrome and swear and curse and say the most outrageous things that would shock a Liverpool dock worker.
  • Laughter. Lots and lots of laughter. This may involve a quick burning of the boss in effigy in the ladies room.
  • go some place quiet, listen to "her lazer light eyes" by nullsleep, cry on the inside ;with one tear on the outside, and get the f*** on with life.
  • Internalized waaaaay too much and that's very unhealthy. But I had to keep the job as head of household and 3 kids. Most stressful is sexual harassment, in my opinion. I have a lot of residual anger over the powerlessness I felt in that job raising my kids. After 19 years when I was only responsible for myself, I quit without another job to go to . . . I wanted out that bad. In retrospect, I would have a better life financially now if I had stayed.
  • Thankfully I can listen to my iPod and it has absolutely saved my sanity and my job.
  • Like SABOTEUR, I put on the phones (the one - maybe 2 hours a day I am off the public desk trying to catch up with my other responsibilities.) Sometimes I don't even have anything playing. When my boss, (who can't freakin' fart without feedback) approaches me, I try to look like I am patiently hiding my annoyance as I slowly lower the phones to around my neck. Or sometimes I'll just go outside and scream.
  • yes workin in a prison, is an everyday stressful situation..
  • ask a postal worker:))
  • Going outside and taking an "oxygen" break... :-)

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