• more excersize and less ps2 or xbox
  • Quit junk food, and walk, walk, walk.
  • Get off the computer and junk food and start walking. I know that sounds boring but once you start you will really get more energy and beging to enjoy it...I promise!! :D
  • what about diet pills wouldn't those work??
  • also once you eat something that u dont want in your body drink alot of water and then hold your stomach and you should start throughing up. but it's not a safe way believe me
  • Certainly not something idiotic like diet pills or making yourself throw up. Healthy eating (fruit and raw veggies instead of chips and cookies for snacks..smaller portions..less or no fried foods) and exercise, such as walking, riding a bike, swimming (weather permitting), sports, etc. These things will not only help you to lose weight but they will keep your body toned and make you feel better in the process. No negative or harmful results :-)

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