• I gave up participating in these arguments about a year ago, having heard all sides several dozen times. So why should I perk up again? I dunno... slow news day, I guess. But here's my approach to the topic: I turn off the ratings checkbox. I don't see the ups, or the downs. I care about comments, period. That one little step made life significantly more pleasant. Before that, I made a rule which I've kept for 16 months, with one brief exception: never mention that I've been downrated, never try to yell at the trolls, just ignore it. That one step made a big difference too. The last bit: if I downrate something, I comment 98% of the time. The other 2% is when it's too disgusting to deserve a comment. There's something about having the courage to leave a comment which I think is important -- it says that you can stand up for your viewpoint and not be intimidated by the possibility of retribution. That's about it for me. I think everything else on this topic has been rehashed so many times it's lost it's flavor.
  • I to am a little over this topic my self and yes I have tried to not bite but I get soooo pissed when they don't leave a comment and I like you in the vary rare instances of me D/Ring someone I will always leave a comment as to why I have done so , its just that nothing seems to have been done when this subject has been broached before and to me its a simple fix ...scrap the D/R's , if you don't like a question or answer either don't give points or flag it.... thanks :)+
  • Well, I don't know if they don't realize the DRs don't affect us at all, or they just don't care. We know that none of us are "trouble-makers," so the only ones who are DRing us are trolls who hate us for whatever juvenile reason (sexuality, politics, religion...whatever!). I guess they get their little childish thrills hitting the DR button...but, the fact that they don't bother to comment proves the lack of character or guts.
  • I think I have one person who follows me around and dr's me if they dont like my answer. But I just dont care. I mean, I am not going to let some cowardly idiot have the power to make me angry or upset in any way. So wht I do is, everytime I see the dr, I just think to myself "I am glad I am not that person!" And thanks for the question. Its good for us newer ones who havent read all the older q's.
  • I think making it so that in order to DR one must leave a comment would be the best way to deal with this one...what makes me angry about DR's is that never is a reason left for why it was done...
  • Get out the Torches Men, we are going in!
  • Cut them off at the knee? Aren't they short enough already?

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