• lol, if I don't have access to a dictionary or spell check I will usually find another word to substitute :)
  • If I don't have spell check, a dictionary, or someone to ask, I do avoid using it. I still manage to misspell plenty of words, though.
  • Haha yeah I do that, unless I have easy access to a dictionary or spellcheck! I used to do that when I was writing my Spanish homework, especially, though. If I couldn't remember what a word was or I didn't know how to spell it properly, I would just talk around it and try to get my point across without using the word itself (if I couldn't remember how to say "wash my clothes" I'd say "I put what I was wearing in a machine that fills up with water and soap and moves them around and..." lol), no matter how much longer that took me!
  • No if i can't figure it out, it will haunt me until i do find out the correct spelling
  • No. I'm pretty anal so I usually hit "word definition" in google as soon as possible. Otherwise, I hazard a guess at the spelling and potentially make up new words. Besides, almost every word we use now was once nonexistent and was introduced through context. Additionally, in English, spelling wasn't important for most of the history of the language right up through Chaucer, famed legendary author of the Canterbury Tales.
  • some of the bigger words that i cant spell i will ask my wife how to spell it or i will try to find another way to say what i mean with out that word. and on occasion there are some of the smaller words that i spell wrong and dont notice it. but it dont bother me if i spell something wrong because i still try to get the point across
  • no, i try to learn it all cost!
  • No, I take the bastards... serifs on?
  • No, I usually look it up with OneLook Dictionary online or Google. Usually, it asks "Do you mean...?" and I put in that word. If I'm not online, I usually follow a word I think is misspelled by the letters "sp" and then check on it later. If I'm filling out a form on the spot, or something similar, I just try my best. I'm usually good about spelling words, but some words always mess me up. Like "license" or "disintegrate" (not that I use THAT one often). I don't know why that happens.
  • No, I just learn how to spell it o.0
  • I will choose a synonym for a word can't can't spell if need be.
  • No if I do not know how to spell a word or even if I am not sure I will look it up. My typing mistakes are the biggest bugbear.
  • No, I either ask someone, or look it up. (Or if I'm on my computer, it has spellcheck)
  • Rarely...I have spell check, a Dictionary (hardbound) a Thesaurus, On Line Dictionaries, and if all else fails and I'm so off that I can't even get close to finding it...I'll ask my Girlfriend...SHE is a great speller! (and can at least get me close enough to find it in one of the aforementioned sources!)
  • I have a time with words like weird, getting the e & i in the correct spot, so I'll use the word strange instead. Another word for me is definitely. Every time I spell that word I really have to think about it. I am a great speller, but we all have our hang ups.
  • Absa.....absu.....absolou.....yes! :-)
  • I want to start a cleaning service and it would be name L&J Cleaning Service.We want to know what is the correct spelling of L&J Cleaning No Job to big or small just give us a call.Or is it Know Job to big or small just give us a call. Thank's Jan
  • it depends, sometimes i'll just spell it anyway, more often than not i'll use a synonym - but very rarely will I use a dictionary. so i guess my answer is... No, i dont avoid it at all costs. only when i can't think of anything else.
  • If I don't know how to spell something I always look it up. Once I've written it a couple of times I "own" it. I can't stand to spell something incorrectly, or to use a word incorrectly in a sentence.
  • Spellcheck yo...
  • I will look it up if I can't spell a word. My problem is twelve, when I write a check, and it has a twelve in it I go completely blank on how to spell it. Is it a v or an f? I have even gone so far as to add another item just so I don't have to spell twelve. Drives me nuts, because I know how to spell the blasted word.
  • No, I figure it out. I type it in the Google search box on my taskbar and it will show it corrected. I can use my spell checker with Foxfire, or just look it up. I good word is worth using.
  • Your right!
  • You won't learn anything if you avoid it. Why don't you just learn how to spell it; use it, and there you just learned something new and become that much smarter.
  • You won't learn anything if you avoid it. Why don't you just learn how to spell it; use it, and there you just learned something new and become that much smarter.

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