• naked twister
  • I have never.. Everyone has an alcoholic drink, and you all sit in a circle, everyone then takes it in turn to say a statement E.G "I have never had sex" And everyone that has had sex has to drink. It doesn't matter if the person making a statement has or hasn't done the thing in question. This gets very funny as the people drinking the most, are the wildest, and therefore get drunk and get even wilder!
  • sex dice are always exciting
  • I never. Absolutely the best game for close friends. Amazingly intimate details can come about. Total fun... "I never have had sex on the dining room table." Oh yeah!
  • My friend purposefully had sex at all of my other friends houses without them knowing, at parties etc, so she could say I have never had sex at ----'s house *drinks* I have never had sex at ----'s house *drinks* I have never had sex at ----'s house *drinks* I have never had sex at ----'s house *drinks* I have never had sex at ----'s house *drinks* Everyone was shocked, to say the least. haha
  • Teens have no business playing "kind of dirty" party games with adults. By "teens" I hope you are talking about 19 year olds.
  • yea best game of my life is i never me and my friends played it a few time and it does get fun after a wlihe and more drinks come around. love you danni
  • ewwww how bout u go 2 bed by urself and hump a pillow!!
  • I never is great, but me and my friend made our own game. We wrote down the names of all the people we know on cards. We took turns taping the cards to our foreheads and asked questions until we guessed who we were. This game is THE MOST FUN EVER! Give it a shot. Speaking of shots, if you wanna add in some alcoholic fun(how we originally intended it) Take a shot for every wrong guess you make.(Not for the questions though, you'll be waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too drunk if you did that)
  • 7 minutes in heaven
  • Mud wrestling is quite dirty.
  • Truth or dare, Never have I ever

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