• It can be a good idea, because if something happens to one and all the money is in common, it can be hard to pay bills etc.
  • I, we have no need to have seperate bank accounts.
  • It becomes a porblem, when I have a bank account and my card, and then my wife has her bank account and then hers and my card as well. :-P, no I dont see a problem with it but we dont do it.
  • After several marriages and messy divorces, having separate bank accounts may be a good idea. There are advantages to having separate accounts such as emergencies when one partner is disabled and that partners accounts are lost then the other spouse's accounts can pay the bills.
  • I think it's a good idea for them to have separate bank accounts. They can still have one joint account for bills and so forth.
  • Yes, separate bank accounts and jobs and cars. Keep things simple and clear, because money is one of the bigger causes of friction in relationships.
  • No always, but there are many occasions in which married people should have separate accounts. They are two different persons and they might have very different spending styles. It would not be nice to come home one day and find out that your wife spent half of your money at the parlor shop or your husband spent half the money on fishing equipment.
  • It all depends on what works. It's up to them.
  • I think it's a good idea, but my wife isn't in total agreement unfortunately. I think a couple should have a joint checking account for household bills and this account should be funded proportionate to the income of the individuals. I think you should also have a joint investment account and a joint savings account for longer term joint goals. Other than that, individual accounts. If I want to blow some money, that is my business. If my wife wants a new car, that's her business. If I want to invest more so I can retire earlier, my business. If she wants to buy a $200 purse, her business. Provided we can each pay for our wants, then what's the problem? At least this way, there is no argument on how you each spend your money. You are able to accomplish joint goals while still having a degree of autonomy with the balance of your funds and all the while, avoiding arguments about money. In case you're wondering, yes I have been married more than once. This is my second and hopefully last. Money was a sore spot in my first marriage. Arguments ranged from the trivial to the serious. So, no, I have no desire to repeat that.

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