• yes, i have one,
    • Myang
      I am Myang Chi xD . How bout you?
    • pearllederman
      Im Pearl Lederman in Greeley CO
  • Nope. I tried to join about a year ago to get membership in another site (apparently some sort of sweetheart deal), only to find that I was pre-banned! LOL! Zucky Zoidberg must of been using his deluge of cookies and trackers to keep track of my pokes and jabs. that like the leftist version of a preemptive strike by snowflakes? Nyuck! Nyuck!
    • Charin Cross
      pre-banning. WOW! That's new. you should feel honored. LOL!
  • you couldn't pay me. I never liked or understood the layout. And I can't stand that leftist Zuckerberg. He's a total sell-out and is no better than Pelosi!
  • Nope. Not interested.
  • I do. I started it for networking when I was a substitute teacher, to see who was going to need a sub. It's mostly just to keep in touch with extended family and real life friends now. My stalker of almost 20 years now has motivated me not to accept new friends. He pretends to be a military man and makes up profiles to send me friend requests. Sad, but so. Anyway you can pm me if you want. My email address is in my profile.
  • I do not. I want nothing to do with Facebook. It's been a cultural disaster.

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