• Croatia-it'e great everywhere on the sea coast. 1.Zagreb (capital) is pretty, but boring. 2.Dubrovnik is a famous touristic place and really a town from a fairy-tale, but try to avoid e period from june till the end of september-it's FULL of tourists. 3. Mljet-beautiful, long beaches, but I can tell you the sea is the most beautiful in Mediterranean so it's really wonderful wherever you go (like Croatian islands) 4.-korchula-lovely town, great history If you travel around the country make sure you visit Split, Zadar and Pula. Czech Republic-have no idea, never been there!
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia has a 1,000 year old wall around the old city and between the history behind the structure and views of the Adriatic, it is definitely worth a visit. Prague has some of the greatest nightclubs in all of Europe. Just plan to stay up all night and be careful of your drinks and don't let anyone buy you or serve you any absinthe without your knowledge.
  • Croatia - Dubrivnik - I agree. And for the rural scene I have to vote for Trpanj. It's beautiful. Czech Republic Prague can't be beat. Also a town called Cesky Krumlov. Fantastic When I went last time I used this site to find a great hotel. The guy was really helpful and spoke perfect English.
  • Plitvice National Park is absolutely stunning. Take a local bus from either Split or Zagreb.
  • Never been to Croatia, but in Czech Republic Pilzn is great (visit the Pilser Urquell brewey, home home Pilsner beer) also Cesky Krumlov, and of course Prague is majestic.
  • The exits.
  • Prague is terrific!

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